Unlike the previous years, we’ll be celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival rather differently this year. Although our lockdown restrictions are slowly being loosened, the special dinner and lantern releases might have to wait for now. But despite the limitations, we’re seeing a wider variety of interesting mooncakes being launched this year. Rest assured, there’s a mooncake to please everyone – your family, friends and yourself – and they come in different colours, flavours and packaging too! Check out the standout ones that made it to our list:


1. BeeBee Cake

Photography: @beebeecake_

Mung beans are a popular ingredient among Asians – particularly Southeast Asians, as it’s a key ingredient that’s used in many popular local delights. If you’re a fan of it, give these mooncakes from BeeBee Cake a shot! Each box contains six snow skin mooncakes in original mung bean, matcha mung bean and salted egg yolk with custard. From the outside, you wouldn’t be able to guess the flavours, but the unique mix of gradient pastel hues will definitely strike your fancy! The mooncakes come in three designs – A, B and C, the last of which is durian mung bean.

The box of six mooncakes is priced at RM32 (designs A & B) & RM38 (design C) and available until 19th September 2021. To order yours, click here.

2. Kryp Plant

Photography: @krypplant

If red bean and mung bean-flavoured mooncakes are your cup of tea but you’d like something with a twist, then we’d recommend you to try these ones from Kryp Plant as you can pick the snow skin in blue tea, matcha, pumpkin or rose. However, if you prefer lotus or yam paste, you’ve got the option of snow skin in chocolate, earl grey tea, lychee and purple sweet potato. The bite-sized mooncakes are freshly made with all-natural ingredients, free from preservatives and Muslim-friendly. Additionally, if you get a box of eight, you’ll also receive a succulent along with the mooncake box, ribbon and a card – perfect to gift a friend who’s celebrating his/her birthday this month, don’t you think?

The mooncakes are priced at RM9 each and available until 20th September 2021. To order yours, click here.


3. Clovy Giftbox

Photography: @clovy.official

If you’ve seen actress, entrepreneur and social media influencer, Venice Min promoting mooncakes, it’s because Clovy is a brand that she came up with! Its choices of mooncakes are ideal for those who’re looking for something light, easy to enjoy and aesthetically pleasing. The homemade, non-baked mooncakes come in four flavours: Honey Honeydew Melon Bird’s Nest, Matcha Rose, Pandan Earl Grey as well as Purple Potato and Taro Puree with Lotus Paste, which all go well with a cup of tea. They’re soft, chewy and best eaten after they’re chilled. At a glance, these Mid-Autumn delights look like works of art thanks to their intricate design and shapes. PS Each box of mooncakes comes with a free exquisite scarf and gift card!

The box of six mooncakes (in four flavours you can mix and match) is priced at RM128, with special offers for family bundles (2-10 boxes), and is available while stocks last. To order yours, contact 0139309227.

4. Oriental Group

Photography: @orientalgroupmy

Colours bring life to the table, so why not add a little fun to yours by including mooncakes from Oriental Group in your feast? You have the option of purchasing individual mooncakes or a box of four with a 10% discount now. With eight flavours to choose from (think traditional burst of flavours but with a modern twist!), the mooncakes are ideal to be enjoyed during a small get-together with your close relatives. Among the options of flavours you can pick from are Custard Durian Snow Skin, Premium Durian & White Lotus Paste Snow Skin, Shanghai Style, Single Egg Yolk & Yam Paste Teochew Style, and White Lotus Paste Snow Skin.

The mooncakes are priced from RM16 to RM40 each, or RM64 to RM160 for a box of four, and available while stocks last. To order yours, contact 0127544796.

5. The Fat Rice Shop

Photography: @thefatriceshop

Nothing beats the joy of indulging in Oreo-flavoured desserts especially after a meal, and The Fat Rice Shop (which is popular for its Chicken Rice and Nasi Lemak cakes) has decided to cater to your tastebuds by introducing Oreo-flavoured mooncakes! Weighing 50g each, the Dirty Oreo Cream Cheese Snow Skin Mooncakes are totally TDF. Just imagine: with every bite of the mooncake, you’ll get a mix of sweet cheese on the inside that complements the dusting of Oreo powder on the outside – yum! Alternatively, you can go for D24 Pulp Snow Skin Mooncake or the Premium Matcha Red Bean Snow Skin Mooncake too.

The Dirty Oreo Snow Skin Mooncake is priced at RM28 for a box of four and available until 17th September 2021. To order yours, click here.


6. Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur

Photography: @Banyantreekualalumpur

If you’re looking for exquisite mooncakes for someone who loves fruits, chocolates and caffeine, the Bijoux Claire de Lune collection from Bake by Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur will be the perfect choice! Featuring premium Belgian chocolate mooncakes that have been given a modern twist by Executive Pastry Chef, Fodil Baghal based on the legendary tale of Chang’e (the Chinese goddess of the moon) and her rabbit companion, each gift box consists of six mooncakes with flavours such as Coffee Caramel Walnut, Green Tea Red Bean, Mango Durian Cheese, Raspberry Lychee Rose, White Chocolate Mixed Nuts and the traditional Lotus Paste.

The box of six mooncakes is priced at RM288+ (inclusive of a RM50 cash voucher from Bake by Banyan Tree) and available until 21st September 2021. To order yours, click here.

7. Golden Bites

Photography: @Goldenbitesmy

Calling all die-hard Musang King fans: here’s one mooncake you can’t miss! Handmade with love, the Signature Handmade Musang King Lava set from Golden Bites consists of four mooncakes that are made with bamboo charcoal and topped with 24k edible gold dust. Filled with non-sweetened Musang King paste that’ll satisfy your craving for the fruit, you can also opt for the snow skin version which has a crust that’s similar to a chewy mochi’s!

The box of four mooncakes is priced at RM98 and available while stock lasts. To order yours, click here.

8. Juwita Bakery

Photography: @Juwitabakery

Known for its yummy Indonesian bika ambon and lapis legit, Juwita Bakery has taken things to a different level by introducing a new range of kek lapis mooncakes this round. Imagine biting into a snow skin or baked skin mooncake and, to your surprise, it’s filled with layers of this traditional delight! Among the flavours that are available include Belgium Chocolate Layer, Mocha Coffee Layer, Musang King Layer, Original Layer and Pandan Layer. While the special combos consist of two mooncakes, there are more affordable sets of four mooncakes which you can pick from too!

The mooncake combos are priced from RM32 to RM98, and all orders should be made one week in advance in August and two weeks in advance in September. To order yours, contact Ng at 0162340018 or click here for details.

9. Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Photography: @Mo_kualalumpur

In our books, pandan is a major win and two out of the 14 choices of mooncakes available from Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur this year come in this flavour! The Baked Pandan with Single Egg Yolk is infused with alcohol and coated with a layer of gold dust, while the Snowskin Cheese with Strawberry & White Lotus Paste mooncake sounds like a treat we can’t say no to. Imagine biting into the chewy skin of the mooncake and your palette is covered in creamy cheese flavours before being complemented by the sweet taste of strawberry. Yums!

The mooncakes are priced from RM35 to RM59 each and available until 21st September 2021. To order yours, click here for details.


10. Wellnest Asia

Photography: @Wellnest.asia

Popular for its wide selection of bird’s nest, the brand has launched an interesting variety of handmade mooncakes that’s rich with this essence and free from all forms of preservatives. To give it a local twist, the key flavours of the mooncakes are what most Malaysians look forward to having for dessert: Signature Red Dates, Pandan Gula Melaka and Kaya. As you bite into each of these mooncakes, you’d be able to get a taste of the bird’s nest in the centre – a winning combination especially for those who love consuming this drink. There are four box options for you to pick from and each one comes with a greeting card – perfect for gifting!

The mooncakes are priced from RM128 and available while stock lasts. To order yours, send a DM here.

11. Yum.Cha

Photography: @Yum.Cha

Great news for tea lovers out there: Yum.Cha has introduced its premium Cha mooncakes that are simply TDF! From the à la carte menu, the mooncake flavours that you can pick from include Umami Matcha Snowskin with Matcha Lotus and Red Bean, Genmaicha Snowskin with Roasted Suisen Sesame, Houjicha Snowskin with Smokey Seaweed Houjicha Paste and Cranberry, and Pistachio Snowskin with Premium Ajisai Matcha Paste. If the sound of those doesn’t blow you away, then the combo deals would, as the uniquely-shaped mooncakes are made from tea, cranberry, pistachio, red bean, sweet potato and yam. Bonus: the Kingyu sets come in wooden boxes with Furoshiki (Japanese fabric wrapping) and two bottles of cold brew Genmaicha tea plus a handwritten card!

The mooncakes are priced from RM25 to RM29 each while the Kingyu Boxes are priced from RM99 to RM169, and available until 20th September 2021. To order yours, contact 0129116028 or click here for details.


12. Kampung Contemporary Dining

Photography: @Kampungdining

Know of someone who has a collection of Glenlivet or is a huge fan of whiskey? Then treat him or her to some whiskey-infused mooncakes this year! Kampung Contemporary Dining has collaborated with the famous single malt scotch whiskey, Glenlivet and introduced four unique flavours of mooncakes. Each box contains a Mixed Fruits mooncake with Glenlivet 12 years, Dark Chocolate mooncake with Glenlivet 15 years, Gula Melaka Pandan mooncake with Glenlivet 18 years and White Chocolate Lava mooncake with Glenlivet founder’s reserve whiskey. To make it even better, if you’re sending this as a gift to someone, there’ll also be a card that you can include in the set!

The Glenlivet mooncake series is priced at RM280+ and available until 21st September 2021. To order yours, contact 0127372985 or click here for details.

13. Li Yen at The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur

Photography: Li Yen at the Ritz Carlton

Attention, all champagne and port wine lovers: among the regular options of mooncakes available at Li Yen, the Moët & Chandon Champagne Mini Ping Pei, Moët & Chandon Rose Imperial Champagne Mini Ping Pei and Cream Cheese with Port Wine Mini Ping Pei were specially crafted by Dim Sum master, Chef Tan. Each snow skin mooncake from this series is infused with a dash of champagne or port wine while the filling is rich in lotus paste. The combination of these drinks brings out the elegant and distinctive taste of each mooncake and will make you wish that you can head out for drinks together with your girls again very soon!

The mooncakes are priced from RM19 each or RM152 for a box of eight, and available until 21st September 2021. To order yours, contact 0186468033.


14. Arte by Thomas Chan

Photography: Arte by Thomas Chan

Inspired by neoclassical French chateaus, Arte’s limited-edition Mooncake Jewellery Box Set is a must-have especially if you love everything fancy! Be sure to have the box opened in front of you as you sit in your garden and sip on some TWG tea to go with the mooncakes, to make this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival memorable for you and your loved ones. The selection of mooncakes that come in this set are Snow Skin Red Bean Paste in Gold and Black, Snow Skin Pure Lotus Paste Single Yolk in Purple, Snow Skin Pandan Lotus Custard in Blue-green and Snow Skin Durian Lotus Paste Single Yolk in White-gold. Rest assured, we’re going to be dreaming of France with this stunning set!

Each box is priced at RM218 and available while stock lasts (only 150 snow skin sets and 350 traditional baked sets are up for grabs!). To order yours, contact 0139164123 or click here for details.

15. W Kuala Lumpur

Photography: W Kuala Lumpur

This year, W Kuala Lumpur invites you to fall in love and get ‘moonstruck’ with the vibrant colours from the ‘Crazy Asians’ art pieces on the boxes of its mooncake collection! The trendy yet functional mooncake bag is a collaboration with the dynamic trio of artists, Gung Ho, that’s available in two colours: Iridescent Blue and Luminous Purple. As for the mooncake flavours that you can select for each box of four, there’s Black Sesame Paste with Single Yolk, Cendol Coconut, Mint Red Bean, Traditional Five Nuts, White Lotus Seed Paste with Melon Seed and Yellow Lotus Seed Paste Double Yolk.

The mooncakes are priced from RM41+ to RM46+ each or RM198+ for a box of four including a limited-edition ‘Moonstruck Mooncake’ collection bag and available until 21st September 2021. To order yours, contact 0123479088 or click here for details.

Featured image compiled by: Fatin Izzatie

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