Raya has barely passed and yet, Mother’s Day is just a few days away, so we totally understand if you haven’t had the time to look for an ideal gift for your mum. Put your worries aside as we’ve put together a neat list of things that will suit mothers with different personalities, preferences and styles! Scroll down to find out which one will suit yours most.

1. Apple TV+

If your mum enjoys binge-watching endless TV shows, why not surprise her with an Apple TV+ subscription? For only RM19.90 per month, she’ll be able to stream everything from comedies to dramas, thrillers, non-fiction series and even family-based shows on her iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac and iPod touch. But that’s not all, as the subscription also includes a family sharing feature, which means you and five other family members can join in the fun too!

Subscribe to Apple TV+ (RM19.90 per month) here.

2. Cartier ‘Panthére De Cartier’ Bag

One of the greatest treasures a woman can own is an everlasting handbag, and if your mum is someone who loves collecting handbags, then the ‘Panthére De Cartier’ will bring tears of joy to her eyes. The trapezoid-shaped bag that is made from finely-grained leather and comes with a jewel clasp is both feminine and sophisticated. Available in two sizes and four colours – black, cherry, green and red, the bag can be worn over the shoulder or toted around. Even better? You can add your mum’s initials or an important date to the bag upon purchase by opting for alphabets or numbers to be hot-stamped in gold foil or engraved on the interior – a little secret she’ll definitely thank you for!

Shop the ‘Panthére De Cartier’ Bag (RM11,000) here.

3. Dior Rouge Dior Mother’s Day Limited Edition Lipstick

Engraved with floral motifs, the Rouge Dior Mother’s Day limited-edition lipstick is a must-have for any mother who is looking for a long-lasting lippie that will brighten up her day. Made from peony extracts to preserve the lips’ natural hydration and pomegranate extracts to improve the lips’ overall quality while making sure that they’re supple and soft, the lippie is available in three well-loved shades – 525 (cherie), 458 (Paris) and 100 (Nude). Ideal for long wear of up to 16 hours without any touch-up, the lipstick comes with a velvet finish and will give any mum out there that much-coveted glow when she’s out and about!

Shop the Rouge Dior Mother’s Day Limited Edition Lipstick here.

4. Duck X Baskin Robbins Body Butter Set

One of the biggest issues that women of any age face is dry skin, and if your mum’s skin looks like it could use some TLC, pamper her with this Body Butter Set from the collaboration between Duck and Baskin Robbins that comes in the cutest ice-cream tint packaging! Inspired by Baskin Robbins’ popular ice-cream flavours – Mint Chocolate Chip, Pralines ‘N Cream and Very Berry Strawberry, the sweet-scented body butter has a thick and creamy texture that will provide your mum’s skin with all the hydration it needs. Rich in cocoa butter and oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil, the duo also comes with Vitamin E that will make your mum’s skin feel nourished, yummy and youthful again!

Shop the Body Butter Set (RM85) here.

5. Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer Limited Gift Edition

Convinced that your mum will go gaga over the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer or Airwrap multi-styler in Fuchsia/Nickel but unsure if she’s going to be able to master it? Just leave it in the hands of the pros! While the hairdryer uses a fast but focused airflow to control the temperature of the device and protect hair from extreme heat damage, the multi-styler comes with various attachments that allow your mum to style her hair according to her whims. This Mother’s Day, Dyson is providing complimentary sessions at all Dyson Demo Stores and Dyson Beauty Labs where you and your mum will be able to learn how to use the Dyson machines and master all the tips related to them. In addition to that, you can personalise the case of your chosen hairstyling tool with your mum’s initials with every purchase from the store.

Shop the Supersonic Hairdryer Limited Gift Edition (RM2,099) here.

6. Gucci ‘Nojum’ Collection Ready-To-Wear Sandals

With the relaxation of the SOPs and everything returning back to normal, we’re not surprised if one of the biggest worries that your mum has when it comes to attending an event is finding the right pair of shoes to complete her look. If you’re considering getting her a pair of sandals, look no further than this stunning pair from Gucci’s ‘Nojum’ collection. Inspired by the beautiful night skies with metallics, sparkling details and a tasteful colour palette, the sandal is made of gold and blue metallic leather with a crystal interlocking ‘G’ that will make her stand out from the crowd. Plus point, the low heel and leather sole will protect her feet and ensure she feels comfy the entire time!

Shop the ‘Nojum’ sandals (About RM4,479) here.

7. Louis Vuitton ‘The Mediterranean Sea’ Travel Book

If your mum loves watching the Discovery channel and reading books to let her imagination run wild, then she’d love the latest edition of Louis Vuitton’s travel series, The Mediterranean Sea. Each edition of the book illustrates a city, region, country or journey through the lens of a renowned artist who has never explored the place before. This time around, the pages hold French artist and illustrator, Aurore De La Morinerie’s drawings and experiences in the Mediterranean Sea. Not only will the book give your mum an entirely new perspective of the Mediterranean Sea, it will also teach her more about the place, especially if she’s never had the chance to explore it before. PS This book will only be released on 13th May 2022, so consider it to be a little of a late but special present for your mum!

Shop ‘The Mediterranean Sea’ Travel Book here.

8. Lush Mum’s Gift Set

Here’s a gift set that any mum – especially a busy one who hasn’t had her me-time for quite some time – will definitely thank you for. If you’re considering treating your mother to a staycation in a hotel that comes with a bathtub, remember to get her a set of bath bombs and bubble bars from Lush too! Depicting a spring parade of garden characters, this set contains three limited-edition pieces and a year-round favourite: Atom Heart Mother bath bomb, Rose Gold bath bomb, Twilight bath bomb and Jasmine bath bomb that will help her relax and give her skin some much-needed TLC.

Shop Mum’s Gift Set (RM183) here.

9. Prada Sunglasses

The sun is out and just like us, we won’t be surprised if your mum says that she’d like to dress up and have some fun in the park with her loved ones. Help her achieve the look she’s going for with this pair of sunnies from Prada. With a Bougainville Opal coloured frame and lenses that come in clear gradient red, this pair will not only make her look stylish but also protect her eyes from the strong UV rays. Aside from rocking the sunglasses, all she’ll need to do is throw on her favourite kaftan, put a straw hat on and she’s all set to have a fab day out!

Shop the sunglasses here.

10. Wanderlust + Co’s Daisy Gold Stud Earrings

Some mothers are simple women who treasure the smallest things in life and are fans of dainty but meaningful accessories. If you’re mum’s one of them, then this pair of earrings will do the trick! Consciously from gold vermeil, the Daisy Gold Stud Earrings from Wanderlust + Co are a lovely pair that are not heavy nor loud for your mum to wear daily or for any occasion, especially on a casual day out with her BFFs!

Shop the Daisy Stud Earrings (RM152.95) here.

Featured image: Cartier
Design: Lester Liang

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