Mid-Autumn Festival aka Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival is a traditional celebration that’s held on the 15day of the eighth month in the Lunar calendar, which falls on this Saturday, 10September. One of the best things about this festival that we as Malaysians enjoy is the act of giving and receiving mooncakes to one another, whether it’s traditional or modern ones. Symbolising love that’s embedded with well wishes, many of us – regardless of race and religion – have been practising this tradition for many years. To make things easier for you, we’ve curated a list of some of the best mooncakes in town that we know you and your loved ones will enjoy. Don’t worry, you can thank us later!

For your loving parents

1. Luxuriant Luminescence – Four Points By Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown

Inspired by the theme of abundance, local artist Lisa Wong’s painting on the classy boxes of this year’s selection of mooncakes isn’t one you should miss. Featuring a leaping jade rabbit which narrates the story of a noble character from a Chinese folklore on the outside of the jewellery box, we’re sure that your mum or aunt will have delightful memories when looking back at this box even long after the mooncake season is over.

Flavours: Green Tea, Lady Yi’s 11 Treasure Tea, Red Bean & White Lotus Seed with Single Yolk
RM159 (box of four)
To order:
Contact 0125073327 or email dining@fourpoints.com

2. Moonshine Series – Unbox by Huff + Puff

With sustainability being a focus in more and more households, we can’t take our eyes off this Moonshine series of mooncakes. With three options to choose from – Bijoux, Bloom and Moon-Dezvous, the sets represent the reunion of a family during this festival. While Bijoux is a two-tiered treasure box that comes with a wooden tag and an oriental knot carrier for you to include your personalised messages, Bloom has blossoming water lilies imprinted onto the faux leather and Moon-Dezvous comes in faux leather with cut-out buttons. Talk about being versatile as the packaging can each fit four mooncakes and be repurposed to a jewellery box, handbag and even a fancy tissue box.

Flavours: Pandan Pure Lotus Paste, Pure Lotus Paste, Pure Lotus Single Yolk & Red Bean Paste
Price per box of four:
RM218 (Bijoux), RM168 (Bloom) and RM138 (Moon-Dezvous)
To order, go to:

3. Symphony of Flora – Bake Creation

If your loved ones enjoy drinking tea, chances are that they’re going to love this set! Featuring mooncakes made from flowers or authentic Chinese tea flavours, the pieces come in various floral designs and are made using natural ingredients without any preservative and artificial colouring.

Flavours: Chrysanthemum, Jasmine & Osmanthus tea (all with melon seed), Oolong, Pu Erh & Tie Guan Yin tea (all with egg yolk).
RM88 (box of six)
To order, DM:

For your adventurous buddies

4. Barbie Mid-Autumn In A Box – Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

If you have a niece or a friend who has a daughter who’s into Barbie, you’d want to get her this set. The ‘Barbie Mid-Autumn In A Box’ collection not only comes in a set of four mooncakes, but it also comes with premium tea packets, a ceramic teapot, six ceramic teacups, a Barbie doll and a limited-edition face mask. Talk about having the best kind of tea party with your BFF anytime you like!

Flavours: Pure Pandan, Pure Red Bean, Shanghainese Yam with Single Yolk & White Lotus with Double Yolk
RM298 (box of four)
To order, go to:

5. Chang Er Palace Mooncake Box – The Studio KL

Inspired by the tale of Chang Er and the moon, this mooncake set will make the perfect surprise for the buddy who loves popcorn to bits! Each box comes with a chocolate pinata that’s filled with caramelised popcorn and Sichuan pepper seasoning along with six mooncakes. The box itself is made from a high-quality clipboard with hot-stamping finishing while the mooncakes have a buttery crust and are curated from three flavours by The Studio KL’s Chef, Lucas’s high tea omakase sets.

Flavours: Black Truffle Sea Salt Lotus Paste, Pandan Lotus Salted Egg Yolk & Red Bean Pumpkin Seed
RM208 (box of six)
To order, contact:

6. Destination-Inspired Mooncakes – Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

We all have that one friend who’s always flying somewhere across the ocean and if you’re thinking of giving him/her a surprise to celebrate your friendship, this set of mooncakes will do the trick. While the premium luggage case can be purchased by itself and fits four mooncakes, this year’s special mooncakes are named after different countries and come with a snow skin finishing. The best part? You have the option of infusing them with alcohol, if you’d like to!

Flavours: Without alcohol: Brussels (Dark Belgian chocolate and dehydrated raspberries), Kyoto (Japanese Matcha with lychee), Melaka (Blue Pea flower, Yuzu and Cranberries) & Trieste (Espresso Illy coffee with cashew nuts). With alcohol: New York City (Manhattan cocktail whiskey, Angostura bitters and Red Vermouth with Maraschino cherries), Shanghai (Lychee infused with Shanghai crafted gin and a fusion of eleven rare botanical herbs and spices) and Vera Cruz (Kahlua Coffee Liquor, vodka and Espresso Martini).
RM42 (Non-alcohol mooncake), RM58 (Alcohol-infused mooncake) & RM118 (Premium gift box)
To order, contact:
0122158782 or email dining.reservations@lemeridien.com

7. Ice Cream Mooncake – Licky Chan

Have a buddy who’s always craving for some good ice cream? Then this might just be the best mooncake for him/her! The six-inch cake that’s covered in silky snow skin is rich in signature Licky Chan-flavoured ice-cream fillings and what makes it stand out is its blue, purple and light brown coat that resembles what’s on the inside.

Flavours: Tonka bean ice cream, cacao nibs & durian cream
To order, go to:

For your #workfam

8. Luna – Platter People

Symbolising unity and togetherness, this mooncake by Platter People is perfect if you’re looking for something that can be shared among your team in the office. Unlike other large mooncakes, this one weighs 600 grams, is 6.5 inches big and is made from a unique combination of salted egg custard lava and handmade lotus paste that’ll tantalise anyone’s tastebuds to kick-start the Mid-Autumn celebrations on a vibrant note!

Flavour: Pure Lotus & Golden Salted Egg Custard
To order, DM:

9. The Blossom Series – The Karls Group

For the colleague who’s been exceptionally nice to you in the past year, the Blossom series is an ideal choice. Rich in goji berries, sweet paste and chicken floss, it’s a must-have for your colleague to enjoy during tea break. Every box contains four pieces of mooncake, which you can opt to pick up from Skillet KL or get it delivered to you.

Flavours: Snowy Lotus Paste with Goji Berry & Snowy Salted and Sweet Paste with Chicken Floss
RM128 (box of four)
To order, go to:

10. Snow Skin Mooncakes – Oh Cha Matcha

If you have a boss who can never get through the day without her/his dose of matcha, get him/her this set of mooncakes. Added on to Oh Cha Matcha’s signature mooncakes is the new Gyokuro Mung Bean. Fun fact: Gyokuro is one of the world’s rarest and most expensive Japanese green tea that’s grown in Uji, Kyoto. While all the mooncakes are handmade and contain plant-based stevia, they are vegan-friendly without the use of any artificial colouring or syrup.

Flavours: Genmaicha Mung Bean, Gyokuro Mung Bean, Hojicha Mung Bean & Matcha Mung Bean
RM69.90 (box of four)
To order, go to:

Featured image: Unbox by Huff+Puff

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