Forget about the basic flowers-and-chocolate cake combo (although you can still get them if you want to!). Take it up a notch and get your mum something that matches her personality or interests this Mother’s Day!

If You Like It Then Put Her Name On It

Personalised items tell a lot about the person who’s gifting and receiving them. They also serve as a reminder of the bond you have and the moments that you shared. Who wouldn’t appreciate something with her name or initials on it?

1. Lips Carpenter Best-Selling Personalised Box, from RM125

This is a beauty brand that I personally love and it offers engraving services to personalise your lipstick. The variety of lipstick packaging is one of a kind; from limited-edition violin-shaped lipstick casings to beautifully-designed oriental-inspired casings that come with a tassel in red, yellow and green – you’d definitely be spoilt for choice! Checkout the Mother’s day promo here and you’d be able to find personalised boxes of gifts that range from aesthetic lipstick casings to lip balms as well as face cleansers and masks.

2. My Inklish Shop LED thermos with temperature indicator, RM69.90

Remember the times when your mum kept reminding you to drink water as a child? Now’s the time to show her that you care for her hydration levels too! This personalised smart thermos comes with a temperature indicator at the top so she won’t burn her tongue on accident again. You can personalise it with your mum’s name and choose her favourite colour from Chrome Gold, Matte Gold, Rose Gold and White for the body.

3. NSJ Stylish Store Personalised Wooden Box, RM149

Personalised bamboo and wooden gifts are trending now, and in line with Mother’s Day, NSJ Stylish Store is offering certified-halal Bird’s Nest sets that come with wood engraving. Feel free to engrave your favourite photo with mummy dearest on the wooden box that comes with six bottles of Kinohimitsu bird’s nest, a 3-piece pack of Ferrero Rocher, a wooden spoon and a wooden card with your engraved message. You can also check out other engraved wooden products in store such as the bamboo tumbler for mums who love takeaway beverages and the personalised wooden cutting board if your mum loves to cook!

Make Self-care A Priority In Her Life

Because the most selfless person in your life deserves all the time in the world to ease her senses. Pampering sessions that she can enjoy in the comfort of her own home? Check!

4. Menta Naturals Lush Lavender Gift Box, RM75

As the name suggests, this brand aims to cater to its customers’ mental health through its au naturel products. To commemorate Mother’s Day, Menta Naturals has come up with a Lush Lavender Gift Box to give all mums the best relaxation sesh they truly need! Using lavender as its main ingredient, the eco-friendly box comes with a shea butter soap, a lemon soy wax candle, a lemon wax sachet and a rosemary hand sanitiser paired with a personalised message card for you to convey your message of love.

5. The Happyness Box Mama’s Spa Day Box, RM299

As the tagline, ‘Happiness in a box’ signifies the abundant joy that mums are bound to feel when they receive this box of handpicked and handmade products from other mums out there. The ‘Mama’s Spa Day Box’ is put together with the idea of a spa day at home and comes with two sea salt scrubs, two handmade soaps, a tub of body butter, two handmade silk scrunchies and an ultra soft premium rayon robe. Think about the blissful evening your mum will be having with this set as she surrounds herself with scented candles and a wine glass in hand.

6. Wunderbath Mother Nature Gift Set, RM108.90

If your Wundermama isn’t into real flowers, get her an alternative bouquet that can last forever instead. Wrapped snugly in the Tulip Soap bouquet is the adorable handcrafted bunny soap that your mum can use or keep in the bathroom as decor, as well as the Apple Orchard hand sanitizer that comes with the luscious scent of ripe apples. Perfect for the mum who’s a skincare enthusiast with sensitive skin, this set also comes with a ‘Hey Dearest’ greeting card so you can write her a note from your heart!

Because Practicality Always Wins

More often than not, life gets in the way of your mum’s to-do or to-buy lists, so why not surprise her with something handy that she’d appreciate to bits?

7. Apple iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 mini in Purple, RM3,399 to RM4,599

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini now come in a beautiful shade of purple that give us instant heart eyes! Both sizes are available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB models and 5G RAM for faster and seamless gaming, Netflix binging and overall user experience. With the innovative MagSafe charger that snaps to the back of the phone, your mum can enjoy a hassle-free charging experience too! On top of that, the phones come with iOS 14.5 and an unlock-with-an-Apple-Watch option while your mum’s wearing a face mask, an advanced dual-camera system that captures better quality photos in low-light conditions, diverse English voice options for Siri and new emojis we can’t wait to use!

8. Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer in Fuchsia/Nickel, RM1,799

If your mum loves to experiment with new hairstyles, then this is the gift that she’ll always be grateful for. The limited-edition Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer in Fuchsia/Nikel is now back instore and online exclusively for Mother’s Day! As the device uses the Intelligent Heat Control technology, your mum can achieve gorgeous blowouts without damaging her hair. The best part? The hair dryer comes in a gift set complete with the Detangling Comb which is engineered with wide, polished teeth to glide easily through wet and dry hair, as well as the Vented Barrel Brush (35mm) that distributes heat evenly and adds volume and shape to hair in a jiffy!

9. Fitlign Ergonomic Support Cushion, RM268

As a newly-launched brand, Fitlign aims to help mums feel comfortable and ease their backache after sitting down for extended periods. Designed with a removable sleeve that makes it easy to clean, the cushion is made from bamboo charcoal memory foam so that it doesn’t go out of shape even if it’s been used for several years. Priced at RM268, you’re entitled to get a 50% discount on this product this Mother’s Day.

10. HiBlendr™ Juice Cup Pro, RM194.99

Portable blenders are a blessing in disguise and not to mention, versatile and convenient especially when it comes to cleaning it after use. Think about the places where your mum can bring this blender to and the different types of juices, blends and other beverages that she can make when she’s in the office or at home catching up on her favourite K-drama series! All she needs to do is charge the blender after using it for 12-15 times. What’s even better? This blender is available in Flamingo Pink, Pearl White and Royal Blue to suit her fancy!

11. Pocket Angel Personal Safety Alarm, RM49

Seeing the need for an increase in protection among women, Pocket Angel has decided that it’s time for women to equip themselves with a device that can be used when there’s an emergency – and this personal safety alarm helps alert passers-by when a distressful situation arises. All your mum needs to do then is release its top pin and it’ll give out an alarming sound paired with bright flashing lights. This lightweight and compact product is handy and comes in black, light blue, pink, solid white and with a limited-edition skin, Epidendrum orchid. Better still, instead of just getting it for your mum, get it for your sisters and female BFFs too since you’ll score a better deal when you purchase it as a set of five.

Featured image: Ekaterina Shevchenko/Unsplash

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