1. Daiyan Trisha – Actress, fashion & beauty enthusiast and singer-songwriter

Growth – “2020 has been a year of growth for me. It stopped us on the get-go and forced us to break out from our shell, learn to live selflessly and grow in a very uncomfortable manner.”


2. Fiqrie Dahari – Emcee, fashion enthusiast, former radio DJ and TV host

Revelation – “People who thought they ruled the world fell just like that… and those who truly have what it takes but were never favoured all this while, thrived.”


3. Jane Chuck – Entrepreneur and social media influencer

Gratitude – “2020 has taught me how to appreciate the smallest things around me. Above all, it made me count my blessings and be grateful for being okay.”


4. Jasmine Suraya – Actress and TV presenter

Sleep – “I slept a lot this year and I loved it! I also realised what ‘enough’ meant and have made peace with what is ‘enough’ for me. I even put aside a specific time to do certain things that I used to not enjoy doing or procrastinated to do and was okay with the outcome even though they were far from perfect.”


5. Kittie Yiyi – Fashion designer and influencer

Survival – “2020’s been a tough year so let’s be strong and live through 2021.”


6. Leslie Png – Influencer and travel enthusiast

Challenges – “2020 has definitely been a challenging year thanks to this unforeseen pandemic. Lives were at stake and it’s been a challenge for those who got infected, those who lost their loved ones, those whose finances were badly hit and for all of us to adapt to the new norm. But at the same time, 2020 taught us to love, to realise that we can survive with a restricted lifestyle and to cherish every opportunity that comes our way.”


7. Mark O’dea – Actor, parody maker, TV host and YouTuber

Inventive – “In 2020, we had to think outside the box with the global pandemic and I think everyone has done a great job adjusting to this new normal without letting it affect our respective industries!”


8. Patricia Knudsen – TV host, radio deejay and emcee

Unforgettable – “The reason I’m using a positive word is because throughout 2020, I’ve managed to spend time with my loved ones, see my daughter Sophia grow and be there with her every step of the way (whilst working), grow my business, work hard on personal development, learn to appreciate the little things, learn how to play tennis, cook many different dishes and make an effort to speak to those who live far away.”


9. Rubini Sambanthan – Model and actress

Unfolding – “2020 was definitely a year that reconciled my ability to further dedicate my learning towards my spiritual journey and at the same time was the year that I finally unfolded many things about self-care and how important it is to love yourself.”

10. Sarah Lian – Actress, emcee and entrepreneur

Surrender – “This word resonated with me because I have so many attachments to control. 2020 was filled with uncertainties and being able to truly surrender allowed me to be more present and grateful for everything that has happened in my life. Surrendering to what is has given me a sense of freedom that I’ve never felt before.”

11. Siti Saleha – Actress and model

Colourful – “Many things happened in 2020 and every chapter has painted a different colour to it. For instance, this pandemic is black on my canvas but there were also wonderful chapters to it. In terms of work, it’s full of rainbow colours; highest rating drama, being nominated for my work and all these wonderful projects that turned my canvas into a better work of art. While we weren’t able to travel far, I played tourist locally, discovered a new hobby in cooking, spent more time with my loved ones and did things that I rarely got to do like watch online masterclasses. I’ve definitely had my fair share of laughter and tears.”

12. Sukki Menon – Activist, ambassador and performer

Metamorphosis – “The rainbow was never created on the outside; it was something that was generated from the human within.”


13. Tabitha Nauser – Singer

Silver lining – “2020 was challenging and because of that, it has forced me to look at things from a different perspective. But even though it was a terrible year, there were also silver linings to it.”

14. Thanuja Ananthan – Emcee and animal advocate

Unrivalled – “In the past year, I started my Ayurvedic business that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, challenged myself to come out of my comfort zone and grew emotionally and physically as a person!”

15. Yung Raja – Actor, rapper and songwriter

Introspective – “2020 has pushed us all to have a deeper relationship with ourselves. I’ve come to learn that whatever we’re searching for often lies within!”


The #ScoopSquad:

16. Angela De Souza – Associate Marketing Manager

Blessing – “When everything around you seems glum, the birth of a child brings new life and hope to you.”


17. Rachel Dulis – Content Marketing Executive

Rollercoaster – “2020 served me a ride of emotions – from joy to anxiety and sadness that kept going on repeat.”


18. Vasenta Selvanayagam – Digital Content Producer

Breathe – “Unlike other years in the past when I had to remind myself to complete one task after another, in 2020 I had to constantly remind myself to BREATHE so that I wouldn’t go ballistic trying to make sense of whatever it was that was going on around me.”

19. Yang Mei Ling – Chief Editor

Connect – “My life has always been a series of connect the dots no matter where I go, more so in 2020. Looking back at how the past year has shaped up and turned out, I'm pretty amazed at how my past connections have resurfaced, and if there's anything that life has taught me in the last 12 months, it is to always be kind and to never take anyone for granted.”


20. Zariel Zahann – Chief Creative Officer

Sense – “For me, 2020 had a mix of things that didn’t quite make sense, especially at the start. The WFH concept in Malaysia seemed like a fable, pre-pandemic. I've seen retrenched friends start selling 13 products, neighbours offering to share rice and veggies, men of the house risking their health trying to buy groceries for their families and new babies born without knowing that they’d have to wear a face mask when they’re outside. In a nutshell, 2020 was a year where we just had to make sense of all the nonsense that happened.”

Illustration: Zariel Zahann

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