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Last decade, we lived in a “hyper” era. Hyper trends (shoes that ate a shoe that ate a shoe), a hyper focus on look-at-what-this-influencer-is-wearing (#DiorSaddle) and don’t get me started on some of the weird stuff that we wore, quite literally. Said trends hit the runways before exploding on the ’gram and fizzling out within a season – you know what that means.

Hence, it’s our duty to welcome the practical dressing trend back into our lives and introduce you to a few variants of it – a slight throwback to the ’90s where fashion was slower and more purposeful, and even if you like to get dressed in the dark, was something that would make you feel and look your best. After all, we don’t live like the 1% of the population (here’s looking at you, stars of Bling Empire) and so, we’d like to present to you some practical dressing trends for our hectic lives which won’t take over – well, our hectic lives.


Once the kind of things your mountaineering, track and field or stuck-in-the-’90s man-in-your-life used to wear, the windbreaker does not just have a practical dressing trend appeal. Its charm lies in how the designers have given it the “fashion” treatment – a graphic twist, a happier shade of good-news-no-black-or-white and a street-style edge – without it losing its practicality.

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Photography: Prada
Photography: Plan C
Photography: Givenchy
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The original boho girl dress that gave way to the sexy cocktail number and body con of the late 2000s, the practical dressing trend appeal of the floaty maxi isn’t in its French Riviera chicness or Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP-esqueness; it’s all about how it conjures up a happy feeling that no other dress silhouette can replicate. And yes, even if one is trapped in the confines of her apartment during the MCO, CMCO, RMCO… you get the gist.

Photography: Michael Kors
Photography: Emporio Armani
Photography Alberta Ferretti
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Cigarette pants have that grown-up stuffiness and skinny jeans are so circa 2009. Enter the elegance of a baggy pair of trousers. Cinched at the waist and with a straight long silhouette throughout the legs, it’s none other than a practical dressing trend at its best. Not frumpy, not slobbish (or you might want to seek a tailor) and best worn with something fitted at the top – we recommend a camisole slip for a start.

Photography: Stella McCartney
Photography: Schiaparelli
Photography: Jil Sander
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What is the practical dressing trend appeal of the tunic? We see a dress that dresses us up without any effort at all. Or a dress we can layer over a pair of pants that will get anyone’s nod of approval – even the strictest HR who never once cracked a smile. When push comes to shove, it’s a dress-meets-top that we can and will be happy to wear everywhere we go! We’re saving the best part for last: once it’s fallen apart, it makes for some comfy nightwear.

Photography: JW Anderson
Photography Acne Studios
Photography: Kenneth Ize
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While a certain kind of men on the internet (you know which kind) might consider the breasts, legs and butt as erogenous zones, we consider them as dated as patriarchal laws. Why not consider the updated version: a sliver of skin on the waist that sexes up a conservative look without giving too much away. A practical dressing trend at its best without having to show off all of your goods at a glance.

Photography: Fendi
Photography: MSGM
Photography: Gabriela Hearst
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Text: Stacie Cai

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