Despite having left this world suddenly 24 years ago, Princess Diana remains as one of the most revered fashion icons in the world. Even when she was spotted in her most casual-sporty outfit, she was able to capture the attention of many and leave a mark in our hearts. One of Princess D’s must-have fashion accessories were her handbags, and even until today, everything about the way she carried and styled her handbags and clutches is still clearly remembered. To pay homage to the late princess and much to our delight, Gucci introduces the ‘Diana’ bag, and here are three reasons why I’m in love with this iconic piece:

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Photography: @princesdianaa/Instagram
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Its eco-friendly bamboo feature

It wasn’t on just one or two occasions but there were many times when Princess Diana was spotted with a bamboo top-handle bag. The ‘Diana’ bag is a reinterpretation of the same bag that she used to carry, which was first presented in the house of Gucci in 1991 and was reimagined by creative director, Alessandro Michele, to fit the current times. In addition to the eco-friendly feature of the bag, two removable and functional neon belts that come with a buckle and a Gucci script logo in gold metallic film on its outer side are added to the handles to keep it in shape. The belts are available in yellow, pink and orange, and you can also opt to have letters and star symbols embossed on them in a variety of metallic film colours.

Elle Fanning carrying the Gucci 'Diana' mini tote bag
Alexa Chung carrying the Gucci 'Diana' medium tote bag
Jodie Turner-Smith carrying the Gucci 'Diana' medium tote bag
Sienna Miller carrying the Gucci 'Diana' small tote bag
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Its cross-generational features

Even after all these years since the bag was first introduced, Gucci proved its point through the launch of the ‘Diana’ bag: that some statement pieces will always have that timeless appeal. Understanding the constant evolution of style and undergoing reinventions, the ‘Diana’ bag represents fluidity, freedom and one’s ability to embrace fashion as a powerful medium of self-expression – exactly the type of person that Princess Diana was.

Sun Yi carrying the Gucci 'Diana' small tote bag
Cai Wenjing carrying the Gucci 'Diana' mini tote bag
Song Yanfei carrying the Gucci 'Diana' small tote bag
Wen Qi carrying the Gucci 'Diana' mini tote bag
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Its unconventional hues

Available in three different sizes – mini, small and medium, the colours of the ‘Diana’ bag made me fall in love with the collection instantly! In addition to regular fail-proof colours like black and white, the bag is available in five other options: emerald green, light rose, poudre light blue, striking red and timeless cuir – all of which will make anyone stand out in the crowd. While the small and medium sizes are suitable to be your everyday bag as they’re big enough and come with a detachable leather shoulder strap, the mini is perfect for casual outings, a shopping day with your girls and date nights!

Gucci 'Diana' in poudre light blue
Gucci 'Diana' in light rose
Gucci 'Diana' in white
Gucci 'Diana' in timeless cuir
Gucci 'Diana' in black
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The Gucci 'Diana' bag retails for RM9,810 (mini tote bag), RM12,870 (small tote bag) and RM15,840 (medium tote bag) and is available here.

Photography: GuccI
Featured image: Compiled by Fatin Izzatie

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