Ever experienced that abrupt pause while scrolling through your Instagram feed when you come across something wild? That’s exactly what happens to us every time a new post from Tika is up! Always sporting some of the most eye-catching and dramatic looks ever – some even bigger than her tiny frame, this four-legged and sharp-snouted fashion icon is nothing but #stylegoals. Confused about who we’re talking about? She’s @tikatheiggy, social media’s most fashionable Italian greyhound in our books!

Turning 10 this July, Tika rose to fame back in December 2020 for her viral TikTok video on clothes she “loved but couldn’t wear”. Since then, the Montreal-based internet sensation has garnered over 1 million followers on TikTok and Instagram and also been featured on Vogue and Clin d'oeil Magazine as its first four-legged cover girl. She’s even got Whoopi Goldberg  and Priyanka Chopra calling her for fashion advice – how crazy is that?!  

A quick glance at her feed and all you’ll see are witty posts of her in stylish garments and accessories from brands that cater to pets like BonGoof™ and Hound Around, as well as Lirika Matoshi who created the iconic custom-made strawberry dress just for Tika!

Being naturally slender and muscular with a deep chest, curved back and long and lean legs, Tika’s got a unique elegance which makes any outfit she puts on look super chic – so don’t be fooled by the goofy expressions she occasionally makes! However, as an Italian greyhound, she’s got a shorter coat and very low body fat than most breeds which means that she retains lesser heat and needs to be clothed every now and then to keep warm, especially in a colder weather. But thanks to her two dads, she’s got a wardrobe like no other pooch and become a favourite among pet lovers and fashion enthusiasts alike for her bold fashion choices and audacious flair. Scroll below to see the five looks we couldn’t get enough of:

Strawberry fields forever

We’ve seen the strawberry dress by Lirika Matoshi almost everywhere on Instagram in the past year and seeing it on Tika – you know it’s reached cult status when she has one of her own!

Ariana who?

Channelling Ariana Grande and her love for oversized and poofy gowns, this masterpiece by Lucas Stowe on Tika instantly made our jaws drop!  

Red carpet-worthy

We love a fully-sequinned dress and this one with a train – also by Lucas Stowe – puts Tika on our best-dressed list at this year’s Golden Globes while giving us pop superstar vibes simultaneously.

Très chic

Ashi Studio’s feathery piece with a giant bow on the side not only complements her slender build but makes her a vision in white.

No DNA test needed

Pulling off one of Lizzo’s daring looks is one thing but slaying it at the same time is another!

Featured image: @tikatheiggy on Instagram

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