With the debut of Coach’s Fall 2021 collection, we were taken on a ride back to the past with its ‘Coach Forever Season Two’ short film. Kicking off the show was the global face of Coach, Michael B. Jordan lazing on a plastic-covered couch, remote control in hand and channel-surfing through ‘Coach TV’ in a vintage living room scene – we instantly knew that we were in for a nostalgic treat!

As he continued to flip the channels, what followed were short programs that were shot by Juergen Teller and written and directed by Frances Frances. Featuring Coach’s ambassadors in some of TV’s most iconic moments from the ’80s to the ’00s, we saw K-Pop idols and lovebirds, Hyuna and Dawn star in their very own F.R.I.E.N.D.S skit, ‘Hot Girl’ or shall we say ‘Mean Girl’ Megan Thee Stallion reenacting the iconic Regina George scene from Mean Girls, Cole Sprouse showcasing the ‘Pillow Tabby’ bag in an after-hours viewer-call advertisement and, our favourite: Rickey Thompson in a shopping channel selling us the “up-for-anything-and-down-for-whatever” ‘Rogue 25’ bag!

Then came Stuart Vevers’ Fall 2021 collection and in a nutshell, it didn’t disappoint! Continuing last September’s story about community, responsibility and a mixed-season wardrobe, the line is a whimsical evolution that takes inspiration from real-life indoor and outdoor dressing to tell a story about “creature comforts”. It celebrates pop culture and escapism through the use of bright colours and playful embroideries alongside layered and relaxed silhouettes. Check out the looks that stood out for us below:

1. Binx Walton

We’re totally digging this look from the oversized cardigan to the flared skirt and the pops of pink and red juxtaposed with the neutral colour palette!

2. Hyuna

Sometimes you can’t go wrong with clashing prints and motifs – and we’re absolutely loving this! As chaotic as it looks, it’s comfy, playful and breaks away from the usual style that we’re used to seeing and donning.

3. Jon Batiste

We always love a good cardigan-over-sweater look so this is naturally one of our favourites! While the colour palette stays generally neutral and monochromatic with red, salmon-pink and brown, the blue socks and green cat-eye sunnies take this outfit up a notch!

4. Rickey Thompson

We love the play on colours and layering of Rickey’s look. From the bright red embroidered sweater to the green socks matched with baby blue shearling clogs and dark blue knit gloves, his look is balanced out with a pair of brown sherpa joggers and sunglasses.

5. Tavi Gevinson

This number is all about layering and mixing prints. Note how Tavi is wearing two skirts in different colours, prints and lengths, plus trousers and socks over it? We’d definitely love to have a go at this outfit!

6. Wisdom Kaye

We’re definitely taking cues from Wisdom’s look the moment we get to travel to colder climates again! Not only does it subtly show off the turtleneck sweater underneath, it adds a touch of fun with the sandals-over-socks trend too.

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