Shifting to a sustainable mindset doesn’t stop at lifestyle choices and fashion consumption; it involves your beauty routine too. The cosmetics and skincare industry is notorious for the usage of harmful chemicals which are mindlessly washed away into the ocean and land, as well as packaging wastage which ends up in landfills. In light of the environmental impact they’re costing the earth, beauty brands are taking a stance and making the effort in reducing their environmental footprint, whether it’s through clean beauty, cruelty-free beauty or recyclable beauty. If you’re trying to shift your beauty rituals that way, give this list of brands a go.


Leading clean beauty brand, Biossance is dedicated to creating effective, safe and sustainable skincare that is formulated using breakthrough ingredients. What sets it apart in the sustainable beauty movement is the fact that it incorporates innovative biotechnology in its skincare line. The key ingredient present in every Biossance product is none other than sugarcane-derived squalane which is known for its super hydrating properties. The vegan cult-favourite’s latest drop, the Squalane + Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum, isn’t something to be missed! Containing a blend of Vitamin C, white shiitake mushroom and licorice root extract, this first-of-its kind serum will not only improve discolouration but prevent the appearance of future dark spots too!

Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum
Photography: Biossance


Here’s one brand that’s all about being natural in every aspect of its operations – from sourcing for safe and effective ingredients of natural origin to sticking to sustainable packaging and its ecological commitment towards reforestation. Check out the new Caudalie Vinoclean range which consists of the Micellar Cleansing Water, Cleansing Almond Milk, Moisturising Toner, Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil and Instant Foaming Cleanser, all of which are clean on the inside and out. These gentle and eco-friendly cleansers and toner are formulated with 97% to 100% natural-origin ingredients, doing away with synthetic ingredients and harsh irritants, and staying true to Caudalie’s zero-waste commitment as they are packaged in bottles made of 100% recycled plastic.

Caudalie Vinoclean Micellar Cleansing Water
Photography: Caudalie

Clear Start

A natural beauty brand by Dermalogica, Clear Start specialises in treating breakout-prone skin with its range of vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and paraben-free products. The newly-launched Cooling Aqua Jelly is a refreshing, ultra-lightweight jelly moisturiser that’s great for oily skin as it provides shine-free hydration with a dewy look. Composed of bioflavonoid complex and hyaluronic acid, the moisturiser works to reduce sebum production, refine skin’s texture and lock in moisture. Free of artificial fragrances and colours, the jelly gets its cool blue tint from a unique blend of natural plant extracts: blue tansy flower oil, blueberry extract and blue algae extract. To top it off, the brand is slowly but surely taking the initiative to ensure that it only uses environmentally-conscious packaging, with the usage of 38% recycled plastic in place of virgin plastic in each product tube.

Clear Start Cooling Aqua Jelly
Photography: Clear Start

Indie Lee

Indie Lee’s eponymous beauty brand was born out of her awakening on the importance of the ingredients that are applied onto our skin after having survived a life-threatening brain tumour. In line with its staunch commitment to curating an all-natural, non-toxic skincare collection while delivering superior, high-performance skincare, Indie Lee products are made of mindfully-sourced ingredients and supported by scientific research. The brand’s I-Waken Resurfacing Mask is no exception! Perfect for all skin types, it’s a weekly ritual that seeks to tackle dull and tired-looking skin by injecting a dose of radiance and luminosity into it. True to its brand identity, the mask contains natural ingredients such as Vitamin C-rich java plum, mango and banana extracts which provide gentle exfoliation and improve skin brightness as well as Kaolin and Bentonite clays which draw out excess sebum and impurities.

Indie Lee I-Waken Resurfacing Mask
Photography: Indie Lee


Driven by the motto of “Clean to Skin. Clean to Planet.”, REN Clean Skincare is known for creating products that not only contribute to the nourishment of our skin but also take into account the well-being of Mother Earth. Designed to zero in on the signs of sleep deprivation and ageing, the Brightening Dark Circle Eye Cream is a must-have! Powered by elderberry flower extract and glycogen, this eye cream is proven to diminish the appearance of dark eye circles and puffiness without irritation, as well as retaining moisture and recharging skin for an instantly illuminated and plumper look. Also, its weightless and nourishing texture makes it ideal for sensitive eye areas. With a goal towards achieving zero waste by 2021 in sight, this product is packed in a bottle that’s made from 87% Infinity Recycling material.

Ren Brightening Dark Circle Eye Cream
Photography: Ren

Tata Harper

Tata Harper places the sustainability ethos at the forefront of its brand without sacrificing the luxurious beauty experience. The eponymous brand’s 100% natural Green Beauty Heroes is worth checking out as it comprises of the Resurfacing Mask that’s made of white willow and pomegranate enzymes; the Resurfacing Serum that’s packed with AHAs, BHAs, Vitamin C and kakadu plum; and the Water-Lock Moisturizer which is engineered with a water-locking technology and infused with orange peptides and pomegranate spheres. Processed and developed in the founder’s own lab and farm, this 3-step green routine works hand in hand to exfoliate, brighten and hydrate skin, leaving it bouncy, glowing and smooth to the touch! In addition, the Water-Lock Moisturizer comes with a 100% recyclable refill pod, making it the brand’s first refillable product as it aims to end single-use products in the future.

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask, Serum and Water-Lock Moisturizer
Photography: Tata Harper

Text: Katherine Thivya
Featured image: Clear Start

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