Whether it’s fragrances, haircare, skincare or makeup, they all play a part in making us feel so much better when we’re not feeling or looking our best. However, these days, as we await the day we can finally leave the house and enjoy the outdoor life without worry, we’re on the lookout for instant pick-me-ups to keep us sane or provide an escape from the pandemic stress. Here, we’ve rounded up the best new launches we’d turn to whenever we feel down in the dumps, physically and mentally!

1. Decorté AQ Concentrate Neck Cream, RM610

Decorté AQ Concentrate Neck Cream
Photography: Decorté

Raise your hand if you’ve neglected your neck more than a few times before – we certainly have! But we’re hoping that Decorté’s newest addition will help to keep us on track with its specially formulated AQ Concentrate Neck Cream. Using signature ingredients from the AQ line like white Mucuna extract and white birch water, the formula also contains ingredients to moisturise and tighten the skin while minimising and preventing wrinkles and activating collagen and elastin production. It even comes with a massaging tool to effectively work the cream in and provide total relaxation – now, who wouldn’t want that?

Shop the Decorté AQ Concentrate Neck Creamhere.

2. Etude Play Color Eyes Mini Objet Palettes, RM98 each

Etude Play Color Eyes Mini Objet Palettes
Photography: Etude Malaysia

Unlike other launches, these palettes weren’t only released with four gorgeous colour combos, but with a full fan fiction inspired by the collection itself. Titled ‘Mini Objet, The Series’, the riveting mini drama follows protagonist and aspiring singer, Emma, alongside her supportive best friend, Kim and Kim’s threatening twin sister, Mel. Spread out over 12 posts on Etude Malaysia’s Instagram, the characters and stories were inspired by the mini eyeshadow quads. A mix of earthy browns, neutral corals and light pinks from matte to shimmery finishes, they’re perfect for your everyday looks. And since the lockdown is extended indefinitely, we’re totally going to immerse ourselves in this fan fiction to keep ourselves busy!

Shop the Etude Play Color Eyes Mini Objet Palettehere.Check out the first episodehere.

3. Jo Malone London Marmalade Cologne, RM300 each (30ml)

Jo Malone London Marmalade Colognes
Photography: Jo Malone London

If there’s one thing that could conjure up lively summer scenes under the sun, it’s Jo Malone London’s Limited-Edition Marmalade Collection colognes! Taking inspiration from childhood memories and vintage themes, the collection features five fruity scents: the bold and citrusy Tangy Rhubarb, the sweet and delicate Rose Blush, the fresh and zesty Orange Peel, the floral and fruity Elderflower Cordial and the ever-popular tart and aromatic Blackberry & Bay. Using natural fruit extracts, the colognes come in exclusive charming bottles designed to reference old marmalade jars – love!

Shop the Jo Malone London Marmalade Collectionhere.

4. Love Beauty and Planet Body Care & Hair Care, RM27–RM32  

Love Beauty and Planet
Photography: Love, Beauty and Planet

Officially launched in Malaysia recently, Love Beauty and Planet’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free body care and hair care range is one we’re quite excited about! Created with a purpose to empower people while protecting the environment, the brand uses clean and natural formulas with ethically-sourced fragrances while keeping it eco-friendly with 100% recycled bottles. With four lines to choose from: Argan Oil & Lavender, Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower, Muru Muru Butter & Rose, and Tea Tree Oil, you can expect shampoos, conditioners, body washes and body lotions with ultra-sensorial scents that are perfect to start the day or wind down after a stressful one!

Shop Love Beauty and Planet exclusively atWatsons.

5. Mise-En-Scène Perfect Serum Line, RM14–RM46.90

Mise-En-Scène Perfect Serum
Photography: Mise-En-Scène

Another thing we miss from our pre-pandemic days? Salon-fresh hair! Thankfully, Mise-en-Scène’s newly-upgraded Perfect Serum as well as the latest additions in the line are able to provide just that in the comfort of our own homes. Boosted with seven nature-derived oils using a golden combination technology, the serum includes apricot, argan, camellia, coconut, jojoba, marula and olive oils to bring damaged tresses back to life with added moisture, shine and protection. Free from chemicals such as animal-based oil, polyacrylamide, triethanolamine, synthetic colourants and more, the serum comes in four variants and an increased volume of 80ml (previously 70ml). Combine the serum with the all-new Perfect Serum Ampoule, Steam Hair Mask Pack and 3-Minute Salon Pack and you’ve got yourself salon-groomed hair anytime!

Shop the Mise-En-Scène Perfect Serum line onHermo,Lazada,ShopeeorWatsons.

6. Nu Skin Nutricentials® Bioadaptive Skin Care™, RM94-RM269

Nu Skin Nutricentials® Bioadaptive Skin Care™
Photography: Nu Skin

Joining in on the effort towards clean beauty, Nu Skin has developed its first-ever plant-based range, Nutricentials® Bioadaptive Skin Care™. Mirroring its original Nutricentials® collection, this science-meets-nature line is formulated with bioadaptive plant extracts that cultivate in harsh climates while leaving out worrying ingredients such as parabens, hydroquinone, phthalates and more. Comprising of 14 products that could easily take over your entire routine from cleansing to sunscreen and sleeping masks, each formula includes the brand’s Bioadaptive Botanical Complex to help strengthen and protect the skin from our ever-changing environment and its stressors.

Find out more about the Nu Skin Nutricentials® Bioadaptive Skin Care™here.

7. Rahua® Classic Shampoo, RM159, & Conditioner, RM169

Rahua® Classic Shampoo and Conditioner
Photography: Rahua®

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is this haircare duo from Rahua® by Amazon Beauty®. Recently made available in the Malaysian market, this brand is one we’re excited to try for its sustainable practices and mindful ingredients. Powered by plants from the Amazon rainforest, specifically Rahua oil that’s been the secret to Amazonian women’s strong, luscious hair and Palo Santo oil that gives the formula a soothing earthy aroma, the shampoo and conditioner helps to hydrate and nourish damaged hair and protect it from harmful UV rays. If you’re worried about the sustainability of the ingredients and their home, fret not as the brand has made it a point to preserve the Amazon rainforest as well as its native communities which you can read more about here!  

Shop the Rahua® Classic Shampoo and Conditionerhere.

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