Since its inception in 2012, KLFW has created an avenue for Malaysia designers and the local fashion community to come together and express themselves in their trendiest way possible while honouring each homegrown designer’s collection. In total, 48 homegrown designers’ Ready-To-Wear collections were featured in this year’s show, out of which 12 were featured virtually via Hurr.TV in an eight-episode series during the first few days. If you consider yourself a fashionista, read on for everything you need to know about the unforgettable moments that made this year’s KLFW extra special.

1. Behati featured a multi-racial fashion-forward collection

On the second day of KLFW, Behati leaped ahead and featured a collection that celebrated us Malaysians. While the featured screen on the runway was a green screen that we’ve all totally adjusted ourselves to during the pandemic, it was heart-warming to see how the brand went the extra mile to feature a collection that was tastefully put together by the brand’s creative director, Kel Wen. In a nutshell, it was beautifully packaged to be colourful, modern and quirky-cool, using resources that we can find locally.

2. Breaking boundaries with Kit Woo’s extended collection

At a glance, the first impression that’d come to you when you see Kit Woo’s collection will be that it’s dark. But if you look deeper at the way each piece that was featured on the runway was styled, you’d see how this designer is trying to encourage his audience to push their boundaries and continue striving despite the hardships that everyone is going through. Featuring pieces that come in beige, black and white, we loved how fringes were added to most of his pieces, which represented fluidity and the ability to carry on with the current happenings in the world.

3. Syomirizwa Gupta took colour blocking to a new level

Breaking away from the norm where everyone talks about how colour blocking is used to stand out from the crowd, Syomir went with a concept where he invited his guests to dive into his zen world. Featuring exceptionally eye-catching and relaxed silhouettes, his collection was made up of colour choices that represented people’s life decisions and those that even you could even wear to his ashram – if he had one. To make it more real, flats were worn by the models on the runway instead of heels, and all his outfits were multi-purpose looks that you could wear to different occasions when you’re on a holiday. To sum it up, his collection brought out all the vacay vibes in us and taught us how you can be yourself, look stylish and yet feel very comfortable with the simple things in life.

4. Wynka breathed new life to the ’80s-inspired resort wear on the runway

It was a very light and easy-going vibe at Wynka’s show as the Borneo-based clothing brand featured a collection that wasn’t only colourful, fun and flirty, but filled with classy prints too – a Wynka signature that we’ve come to expect and adore with every new collection that’s rolled out. Featuring models of all sizes and backgrounds, the resort wear collection by founder Karen Lau consisted of oversized hats, printed co-ord sets and dresses plus sheer kaftans that came in various colours to match all your whims!

5. Fiziwoo marked its 10th year of existence through its Spring/Summer 2022 collection

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for Hafizi Radzi Woo and Izree Kai Haffiz, the duo behind Fiziwoo, especially in the past year since the pandemic started, but nothing had ever and will ever stop them from striving to achieve their dreams, which get bigger and bigger every year (this year saw them opening their first boutique at KL East Mall). To celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary, Fizi and Kai showcased their Spring/Summer 2022 collection which comprised of 26 womenswear and 12 menswear. Bridging the gap between the old and new, the dynamic duo decided to include traditional sewing methods that many don’t shout about in current times such as intricate hand stitches and beadworks into their Ready-To-Wear collection. We’re all heart eyes for the signature frilled skirts, floral blazers and sheer shirts that came with the most stunning and elaborate details you can’t miss!

6. Alia Bastamam celebrated its 10th anniversary and Joe Flizzow made an appearance at the show

Titled ‘Joy’, Alia Bastamam showcased her Resort 2022 collection with a bang last Saturday. Collaborating with Havaianas Malaysia, the Alia B. collection featured flowy pieces that are ideal for a girls’ getaway that we’re all looking forward to going on very soon. At the same time, the Alia Bastamam collection, ‘Cascade’ narrated the journey and story of the brand over the years – from when it first started to where it is today, and featured some of the designer’s best-selling looks through the decade. Major love for the iconic pleated kaftans and sheer party dresses that are staples in our luggage for a fancy holiday. Towards the end of the show, it was heart-warming to see Alia hug her two star models of the night – Alicia Amin and Shikin Gomez, while Joe Flizzow rapped his way through the runway show and night.

7. Rizman Ruzaini did a fine finale to KLFW 2021 by closing the event with our favourite local supermodels

We were truly mesmerised to see some of Malaysia’s finest supermodels take the runway, namely Amber Chia, Deborah Henry, Nasha Aziz, Tengku Azura and Tinie, who were all dolled up and dressed to kill. Clad in red gowns and suits with different details, the supermodels’ appearance signified that those who’ve been in the industry for a long time will still and always be cherished and looked up to for their contributions. If anything, their presence served as a reminder to our local designers to continue persevering through hard times and they will always find a way. To top it off, Rizman and Ruzaini both showed up on stage during the finale with their kids, reminding everyone that no matter where we are in life, our families do come first.

Featured image: @rizmanruzaini

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