Year after year, we celebrate Pink October to raise awareness about the dangers of breast cancer – especially amongst women. While some might assume that the colour pink is only linked to the health of a woman’s breasts, in reality it touches more on the aspects that’ll help to improve and promote a healthier and balanced lifestyle which could, in turn, reduce the risks of getting breast cancer. Be it your skin, scalp or nails, your body is your asset and having said that, you should do everything in your power to improve your health and lead a happy life. In line with that, #TheScoopSquad has put together a list of beauty products that we hold close to our hearts and how each of them has helped us go through our daily lives.

Photography: M.A.C

“I’m not a pink person, but seeing myself wearing a pink lip colour once in a while makes such a huge difference to my mood! This year, in particular, with the WFH situation we’re all forced to adapt to, there are days when I feel really down, but M.A.C’s Love Me Liquid Lipcolour in Hey, Good Looking! never fails to bring me joy. The bright fuchsia and shine reminds me of my younger self when I was a lot more happy-go-lucky as a person and, in a way, that prevents me from nit-picking on things that aren’t done according to my liking. I also love how the texture feels on my lips; it’s creamy and hydrating, and stays on for a good 10 hours or more!” – Angela De Souza, Associate Marketing Manager

Shop M.A.C’s Love Me Liquid Lipcolour in Hey, Good Looking! (RM120) here.

Photography: Sephora

“As we celebrate Pink October all month long, one of the recent products I’ve got my eye and hands on is Fenty Beauty’s Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner. With over 20 different colours to choose from, Cute Ting (a light pink) is my current go-to when it comes to bringing my wild side out. A splash of colour on the waterline helps to fully enhance my eyes, especially if I pair it with a crimson or maroon eye shadow, and I like to let it have its own moment on my naked lids with just a glimmer of eye primer to help me pull through the day!” – Asha Kesotra, Content Writer

Shop Fenty Beauty’s Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner (RM103) here.

Photography: Glasskin

“As a fan of Asian beauty tools, I decided to splurge on this set which includes the Face Workout Roller and an Eye Shroom Massager, and let me tell you, it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made this year! Not only do the rose quartz stones stay cool to the touch even when I’ve been massaging my face for a few minutes, they really help in depuffing my face and under eyes too, creating a sculpted and brighter look for the day – even when I’ve had few hours of sleep or bawled my eyes out from watching my favourite dramas. While I usually use this in the morning, I find that massaging my face at night after a long day really helps me destress. The Face Workout Roller also comes in handy when I’m suffering from headaches and migraines!” – Rachel Dulis, Content Marketing Executive

Shop Glasskin’s Bright Eyes & Facial Lift Set (RM176) here.

Photography: Shopee

“As someone with OCD tendencies, cleanliness sparks major joy in my life. I need to ensure that everything around me is in tip-top condition, and there’s no exception for my beauty brushes and blenders. For my beauty blenders, the Daiso Puff Sponge Detergent is my life saviour as it works like soap and effectively removes every bit of dirt from the sponge! It’s super affordable which makes is a #doublewin and it works better than the original solution that I get every time I purchase the sponge. All I need to do is pour a few drops onto the sponge, soak it in warm water and everything gets removed within 15 minutes!” – Samantha Yap, Chief Operating Officer

Shop Daiso’s Puff Sponge Detergent (RM7.59) here.

Photography: Dior

“Perfumes have a special place in my heart and at times, I can go overboard with them and finish a bottle in the span of three months while the same bottle can last others for over a year! I’m a huge fan of the Miss Dior series, so when I got my hands on the latest Miss Dior EDP, I was blown away. In a nutshell, it helped me survive this year’s prolonged MCO. The top notes of lily and peony accords instantly make me dream of a flower garden – the kind of energy and motivation we all need in the AM. The heart notes remind me of lush roses and when the sweet scent kicks in, I usually stop dreaming and kickstart my work as my mind and body start to get motivated. Ultimately comes the comforting scent of Papua New Guinean vanilla, musk, benzoin and tonka bean. When the smooth combo kicks in, I’m usually halfway done with everything and slowly starting to wind down and enjoy the sunset in the distance.” – Vasenta Selvanayagam, Digital Content Producer

Shop Dior’s Miss Dior EDP (RM725 for 100ml) here.

Photography: Love Beauty and Planet

“I’ve just started using this duo that lets me make a little difference in the shower on days when I wash my hair. First things first: the bottle design is easy on the eyes, but more importantly, it’s made from 100% recycled materials. Secondly, the cruelty-free and vegan shampoo and conditioner have a 96% and 95% biodegradable formula respectively, with 0% silicones, phthalates, parabens and dyes. Together, they keep my colour-treated hair looking healthy, glossy and vibrant while feeling fresh and clean for days – and I don’t even need to use much. Don’t get me started on the ingredients and scent because I could go on for days! With organic coconut oil, natural Murumuru butter and ethically-sourced Bulgarian rose, this set smells like a dream and takes me on a ‘blissful island escapade’ that I wish I could have right now.” – Yang Mei Ling, Chief Editor

Shop Love Beauty and Planet’s Blooming Colour Shampoo and Conditioner with Murumuru Butter & Rose Aroma (RM32 each) here and here.

Featured image: Amy Shamblen/Unsplash
Design: Lester Liang

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