Almost a year after this audio-only social media platform was introduced to the world, Clubhouse became the talk of the town recently thanks to Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla. Exclusively available for iPhone users at the moment, you can find convos about practically everything including the arts and music, celebrity gossip, current affairs, influencer trends, languages, relationships, sports, sustainable living, technology, world news and lots more under one roof!

However, if you haven’t secured a pass to sign up yet, you’ll need to wait and be invited to explore the many fun rooms and clubs that lie within this app. To a certain extent, it can somewhat feel like how you used to, back when you were waiting to get an invite from a friend to attend a cool party. Nevertheless, the wait is worthwhile because once you’re in, you’re most probably not going to be paying much attention to other social media apps as the topics covered on Clubhouse can be quite entertaining and you might not want to tune out until the end of a sesh.

Even local Fear Transformation Coach and singer-songwriter, Melissa Indot earlier shared that she has been on the app for at least 10 hours in the past 24 hours – what a way to kickstart her week! That said, if you’re a newbie and unsure where to start “eavesdropping”, here are the top eight rooms and clubs that the #ScoopSquad recommends for you to tune in to this week.

1. The Hustle House

“This was the first club I joined, and needless to say, it got me hooked to Clubhouse! The moderators are insightful and I like it a lot because it’s connected to what I do on a daily basis: marketing and social media. This club covers a lot of broad-based topics and I’m happy to be able to learn something new while listening to the industry experts.” – Angela De Souza, Associate Marketing Manager

2. Fashion Design Process: The ABCs of Textile Design

“I’ve been following Fashion Designer and Educator, Zoe Hong for about a year on YouTube cos she’s got so many valuable lessons from fashion history to building your own brand and then some. So when I saw her upcoming event called ‘Fashion Design Process: The ABCs of Textile Design’ with Manila-based artist Feanne Mauricio, I had to schedule it into my diary immediately! I’ve always been curious about how unique prints are developed and produced, so this event is right up my alley. Look out for the room at 11p.m. on Wednesday or follow this link to tune in.” – Rachel Dulis, Content Marketing Executive

3. Bitcoin Beginners

“I’ve heard this term over and over again but every time I’d open an article to read about bitcoin, I was quickly turned off as there were too many technical terms for me to understand! Furthermore, most of the latest articles talk about the advanced features of bitcoin, which a noob like me can barely comprehend. When I first joined this club, I was shocked to find that there were many terms and phrases that, when spoken, were easier for me to understand. It not only talks about cryptocurrency and the impact it has on our economy but also gives listeners the insight on how to make reasonable judgements before making an investment. In addition, the various chats that are hosted to discuss about bitcoin also teaches you about the red flags to look out for, how to convert your assets and what’s deemed right and wrong legally when it comes to this new form of currency. Nope, I’m not an expert and I’m not going to be making any investment anytime soon but just learning and hearing what different people have to share about the topic is interesting for me!” – Vasenta Selvanayagam, Digital Content Producer

4. Nada Music (MY)

"It's been a while since I've gone to live music venues in Kuala Lumpur such as No Black Tie, Bobo and Alexis, so it's great to see this group popping up on my feed every week! Moderated by seasoned local musicians and singer-songwriters like Az Samad, Brendan de Cruz, Foo Bihzhu and Zee Avi amongst many others, this room sees a variety of music genres from acoustic guitar to a cappella and soulful tunes on rotation, but with the overall chillax vibes maintained across the board. Open mic nights are refreshing to tune in to, because listeners are not only entertained for a couple of hours; they get to know of new, talented voices and musicians too, some of whom call themselves "bathroom singers" but you very well know that they belong on stage – and in a solo act – if given the chance." – Yang Mei Ling, Chief Editor

Photography: Juja Han @ Unsplash

5. Wellness, Meditation & Selfcare

“As the name of the club says, in this time of so-called quarantine that we are going through, we just have to find ways to keep ourselves not only safe but sane too. I was never a person who’d look forward to something ‘calming’. I like to move fast and inject some fun when it comes to most kinds of things. But in this group, the topics that are brought up are relatable and cover what we’re all going through – fatigue! Information fatigue, SOP fatigue, Zoom fatigue… the list goes on. It just reminds me that we all need to take a breather from whatever’s going on around us at some point of our lives, especially in these current times, and spend time focusing more on ourselves. If that’s what you’ve been lacking lately, our advice for you is: remember to give yourself some self-love!” – Angela De Souza, Associate Marketing Manager

6. Upcycled Clothing & Zero Waste Fashion

“If you’re into sustainable living, Sustainably Sourced is a club you should be following! I tuned in to their recent ‘Upcycled Clothing & Zero Waste Fashion’ room and heard so many great stories and lessons from brand owners on how they’re making eco-friendly choices when it comes down to fabric sourcing, production and even packaging. What’s more: I just learnt that there’s a zero-waste machine in Japan that creates brand new textiles from scrap fabric – how cool is that? Rooms are hosted weekly and the moderators talk about everything from sustainable fashion to health and everything in between!” – Rachel Dulis, Content Marketing Executive

7. The 2-Minute Drill: The Week’s Top Tech Stories

“Although the topic of the group says 'The 2-minute Drill', this chat went on for about an hour when I entered the room last week and I kid you not – it was 100% fun! Coming from a tech company, it was fun to hear different people share about new apps that are available in their respective countries. What was more fun was learning about its pros and cons although some of the apps aren’t available in Malaysia. This was also the place where everyone talked freely about how different tech innovations were introduced in different continents and how they could benefit everyone who had access to them. Rest assured, it widened my horizon a little more and I was able to think out of the box on what new things that we in Malaysia might be able to come up with in the near future. This group goes live every Tuesday at 11.30p.m.” – Vasenta Selvanayagam, Digital Content Producer

8. International Airport Lounge

"As a seasoned globetrotter up until the MCO happened last year, I appreciate the existence of this room that has been around for a fortnight now and takes me back to the times when I'd be chilling at an airport lounge en route to my next destination. Why I enjoy popping in to this group is because as a listener, you'll always be welcomed with a "drink" of your choice by the host and every drop-in is a different experience as travellers from different time zones come together to share their most memorable and wackiest travel tales. The other night, one of the mods requested that a lady who has just touched down in Maldives share with us the "sound of waves" as he was missing the beach terribly – and what she did next was to go outside her luxury water villa and take a walk in the clear turquoise waters as the sun was setting. As a listener, I could vividly imagine the idyllic scenery, with waves splashing and seagulls squawking in the distance – exactly the way I remember this gem of a place to be when I was there many moons ago. Ah... bliss!" – Yang Mei Ling, Chief Editor

Featured image: Dmitry Mashkin/Unsplash

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