Disney shows played a prominent role during our growing-up years. One of the things that we looked forward to back then was to see which prince or princess would appear on our TV screens and give us a boost of energy every now and then. Today, these heroines are back in an updated context and boy, are we thrilled!

With all of us struggling to slowly find the light during the ongoing pandemic, the Ultimate Princess Celebration Fashion Showcase by Disney Malaysia aims to highlight the courage and kindness that we can all be inspired by, no matter our age. From Belle’s ingenuity to Cinderella’s generosity, Moana’s adventurous spirit, Mulan’s selflessness and more, there’s something that we can all learn from these much-loved characters.

In line with this celebration and through the support of Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Zatashah binti Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, the Royal Patron of Make-A-Wish Malaysia, eight homegrown designers came together to create a show-stopping collection inspired by their favourite Disney princesses.

“The Ultimate Princess Celebration is close to my heart as it truly embodies the values I believe in: finding strength in yourself, staying fearless in the face of adversity and, above all, being kind in thought, word and deed,” saidTengku Zatashah. “Many of us grew up with Disney princesses and they still resonate in Malaysia today. Their universally relatable stories inspire folks from all backgrounds to be their authentic selves and impact the world through big and small actions – something that I aspire to myself through my work with Make-A-Wish Malaysia.”

The couture creations by Alia Bastamam, Celest Thoi, Hafizi Radzi Woo and Izree Kai Hafiz, Izrin Ismail, Khoon Hooi, Leslie Variyan, Melinda Looi and Nurul Zulkifli are up for auction until 8th December 2021 and the proceeds will go to Make-A-Wish Malaysia, an organisation that has been working with major hospitals since 2010 to bring life-changing experiences to critically-ill children in the country. If you’re curious to find out more about the 12 bespoke pieces that the celebrated designers have come up with, read on.

1. Anna by Leslie Variyan – Variante

Leslie translated Anna’s bubbly and energetic personality to a well-tailored couture jumpsuit which reflects her adventurous and always-on-the-go spirit. Featuring a combination of fabrics and textures with a beaded lace bodice, it can be paired with the soft tulle purple cape for a night out.

2. Ariel by Hafizi Radzi Woo & Izree Kai Hafiz – Fiziwoo

Inspired by Ariel’s courage and resilience, plus her transformation from a mermaid to a human and walking on land for the first time, Fizi and Kai have created an unconventional dress from heavy cotton linen to resemble her makeshift outfit, with pleats that echo shell-like lines.

3. Aurora by Celest Thoi

To encapsulate Aurora’s natural grace, Celest created a glamorous dusty pink gown in silk chiffon with a corset bodice and A-line silhouette tulle skirt dotted with glittering rose gold ‘stardust’ and layers of exquisite pleats. An optional soft tulle sheer cape embellished with crystals on the hem lends an ethereal vibe, alongside studded flats.

4. Belle by Izrin Ismail – Innai Red

If there’s one thing we love about Belle, it’s that she sees beauty from new perspectives and is unapologetically herself. These timeless traits have inspired Izrin to weave Malaysian elements into her yellow ensemble; a kebaya with stunning rose brocade as the top, adorned with a statement embellished rose, and a pleated tulle skirt that forms scallop tiers inspired by Belle’s signature ball gown.

5. Cinderella by Celest Thoi

Celest’s 5-in-1 dress took inspiration from Cinderella stitching and sewing with the help of her animal friends. For a day look, the pencil-cut sweetheart strapless creation is topped with an A-line overlay skirt and cascading lace illusion bodysuit. It can be transformed into a night look using detachable straps, while the option of a more regal look comes with a nude tulle illusion bodysuit with lace.

6. Elsa by Melinda Looi

To channel Elsa’s elegance, Melinda designed a two-in-one ensemble. For a day look, the couture piece features an oversized reversible crop jacket in suiting fabric, with thread-embroidered snowflakes resembling the four elements – Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. For a glamorous night look, the slit on the dress can be fully zipped down to become an evening gown. Inspired by Elsa’s gracefulness, the cape features a mixture of Swarovski crystals, beads and sequins, with embellishments over its sleeves.

7. Jasmine by Nurul Zulkifi – Mimpikita

Jasmine has the courage to make her own rules, and her strength and compassion for her family and friends are translated to Nurul’s design; an exotic turquoise and nude silk crepe pantsuit that brings to life the princess’s fiery beauty and celebrates the richness of her experiences while invoking a sense of wonder.

8. Moana by Izrin Ismail – Innai Red

To capture the personality of Moana, the trailblazing princess and free-spirited voyager, Izrin curated a breezy dress that features lace in coral and sand tones on a soft nude tulle, which was pleated in a sun-ray pattern. The upper bodice features draped tulle in a halter style, with turquoise crystal bead-embellished outlines. The lace on the waistline of the dress comes in mixed tones with fully beaded 3D floral appliques that represent Moana's love for the coastal outdoors.

9. Mulan by Melinda Looi

Melinda created a bold and sophisticated look inspired by Mulan’s courageous journey towards becoming a legendary warrior. The couture outfit is reminiscent of an armour, but with a fashion-forward twist. Gunmetal sequins create an armour-like look, paired with a reversible knee-length coat adorned with crystal stone embellishments of the Chinese character ‘忠’, meaning ‘loyalty’. The ensemble comes with a corset and heavy crepe trousers which are symbolic of how Mulan steps outside of her tradition-bound society.

10. Pocahontas by Alia Bastamam

Capturing Pocahontas’ free spirit, Alia’s design features a flowy two-way look. Heavy crepe with a draped asymmetrical neckline make up this look that’s laid on a soft corseted bodice. The bottom part of the dress features a high slit framed with drapes and embellished with crystal tassels in turquoise, gold and aqua that’s inspired by Pocahontas’ iconic necklace, and the look comes with a bolero in pleated chiffon georgette too!

11. Rapunzel by Khoon Hooi

Rapunzel’s escape from her tower inspired Khoon Hooi to experiment with bold colours, textures and patterns. The minimalist corset-fitted midi dress is made from lush indigo silk-satin in lame velvet, with a buckled taffeta belt for a day look. It can be transformed into a night look with embellished detachable floor-length fringes that we reckon would be perfect for your Boomerangs!

12. Snow White by Khoon Hooi

Khoon Hooi also wanted to capture Snow White’s sweet and carefree demeanour, so his updated take on her classic look sees a square-neckline detachable dress made from a combination of silk taffeta and brocade that’s intricately woven with a pretty plum blossom floral motif. Underneath the sunshine-yellow floor-length skirt with a signature dramatic bow and rhinestone crimson belt is a midi-length front slit taffeta pencil skirt.

Interested in any of the pieces? Click here to register your interest for the auction until 8th December 2021.

Text: Yang Mei Ling & Vasenta Selvanayagam
Disney Malaysia

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