Malaysia is facing an extremely difficult time now with the increase in Covid-19 cases across the country. While most of us are safely nestled in our homes during this lockdown, many of our front-liners are constantly exhausted from giving their all at work and saving lives. With the increase in challenges day after day, the more we need to support and empower one another. If you’ve been wondering what else you can do besides going through your daily routine, check out these volunteer or donation opportunties we’ve rounded up for you to contribute towards making a change in your community and beyond.


With the National Covid-19 immunisation program that’s currently going on, many of us are waiting to get our first dose (and for others, the second) at various vaccination centres around us, which you may know better as Pusat Pemberian Vaksin (PPV). However, with the increase in the number of daily visitors, the demand for medical and non-medical volunteers increases as well. Here’s where you can help out:

1. IMAM Response & Relief Team

IMARET is recruiting volunteers to help out at Covid-19 Assessment Centres (CAC) from Monday to Saturday (8am to 5pm). Its recent post on Instagram speaks volumes on the amount of help that’s needed as more and more people are coming in to get their vaccines in the coming weeks. If you’re keen in volunteering for general duties (e.g. assisting in the registration process and crowd control) or medical duties (e.g. the counselling counter and observation bay), you can pick your preferred slot here. You can also call or WhatsApp Irfan at 0139861898 or the IMAM team at 0135683931 for more details.

2. Mercy Malaysia

Mercy Malaysia is currently in search of medical volunteers to assist in the Covid-19 vaccine and assessment centres. If you’re a certified medical practitioner and would love to contribute some of your time, you can register your interest here and pick your preferred days. Besides that, Mercy Malaysia welcomes volunteers to help with the Covid-19 immunisation program as well as its outreach initiative to provide door-to-door vaccine for the homeless, disabled and individuals with health problems who are unable to go to the vaccination centres on their own. If you’re keen to volunteer, contact Azizan at 0193774873.


If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you would’ve seen the constant increase and decrease in daily cases or heard about the sporadic ones happening in your community. This situation has been keeping our front-liners constantly on their toes – fatigued and lacking sleep while they still have to carry out their duties and save lives. It has come to a point where supplies and volunteers are very much needed to support both the front-liners and patients in hospitals.

3. Persatuan Belia Prihatin (PBP)

PBP saw the need to provide additional supplies for front-liners working in hospitals especially with the constant increase of Covid-19 patients. The team decided to start an initiative for the public to donate electric devices or furniture such as walkie talkies, foldable tables, fans and portable air-conditioners and provide a better working environment and livelihood for the front-liners. As they’re doing their best and risking their lives to serve our country, the least we can do is to help them in any way we can, whether it’s through cash donation or physical items. To donate supplies for ward usage, you can call Shaarie at 01158507449 or Afif at 0189199153. If you’d like to provide monetary aid instead, click here for details.


The coronavirus outbreak has left many feeling lost. Some more so than others. Many find themselves jobless and the homeless are left feeling even more dissociated. Charity organisations and NGOs are reaching out to these disadvantaged groups but it will only succeed if the public (that’s you!) supports their initiatives.

4. SCOPUR (Social Community Programs Urban Society) Malaysia

SCOPUR hopes to help those who are struggling with the lack of kitchenware, groceries or meals during this lockdown. Following this initiative, the non-profit organization wishes for the public to contact them via DM on Instagram if they know anyone in KL or Selangor who’s in need of such help. Alternatively, you can also contact Dr. Firdaus at 0173807573 or Ms.Erni at 0162585600. Do take note that they’re only able to deliver food supplies to KL, Petaling Jaya, Putrajaya, Bangi and Kajang.

5. The Hope Branch

Founded by Harith Iskander and his wife, Dr. Jezamine Lim Iskander, The Hope Branch is currently raising funds to refurbish and clean the homes of families living in deplorable conditions in Kapar, Klang. If you’re interested in donating to help them reach their goal, you can find more details about their project here. The Hope Branch also welcomes donations in the form of meals, food and clothing, and you can contact the team at 0197093103.

6. The Lost Food Project (TLFP)

If you’re passionate in helping the less fortunate but prefer to stay safe at home this FMCO, you can contribute to TLFP by donating daily essentials such as food, clothes and masks. If you have any clothes lying around that no longer spark joy, it’s time to KonMari your wardrobe and donate the pieces to those in need. To schedule a delivery date, you can WhatsApp Diane at 0126281152 or email for more info. Alternatively, you can contribute your creativity and knowledge through content writing or graphic designing, or your time to do simple administrative tasks such as data entry or research for TLFP. Interested volunteers can find more details and apply for a suitable role here, after which, you can fill in the volunteer form here.


Did you know that issues such as domestic violence and sexual assault in homes continue to happen amidst the Covid-19 pandemic? In fact, these concerns may escalate during these difficult times and particularly during the lockdown. As the spread of the coronavirus continues, many women are cooped up at home with their abuser and perpetrators, which calls for the need to spread awareness about this issue and provide help to those in distress.

7. SAWO (Sabah Women’s Action Resource Group)

Based in Kota Kinabalu, SAWO has been advocating for women’s rights and gender equality for the past 36 years. During the lockdown, the NGO continues to provide information and aid to the public and hopes to have volunteers onboard to spread awareness and educational information on its website and social media. Currently, SAWO is looking for content writers and advocates who can provide expert input during online forums. The theme for this year is on women’s political empowerment. If you’re passionate in gender-related issues and empowerment, you can express your interest by emailing SAWO at


The rise of Covid-19 cases has not only impacted us humans, but animals too. Similar to the homeless, strays are severely affected by the pandemic, especially during the FMCO. With most of us staying home and opting for takeaways or food delivery, their main source of food from restaurant leftovers is now more scarce than ever.

8. Petotum’s Bulu-Bulu Initiative

Since the start of MCO 1.0 last year, Petotum started the Bulu-Bulu Initiative to ensure that strays are never left hungry amidst the pandemic. To support this initiative, you can either choose to donate supplies by purchasing pet food or volunteer to feed the strays near the area you’re staying in. Currently, there’s a demand for pet food supplies to fill up the food bank so that volunteers can continue feeding the strays. If you’re interested to donate pet food, you can find more information on the steps to take here or if you want to be actively involved in creating a better world for strays, you can register as a volunteer here.

Featured image: Dee Copper and Wild/Unsplash

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