When you think of the name ‘Ophelia’, chances are that the character in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet or the Greek Goddess who drowned herself because of love quickly comes to mind. Well, you’re not wrong, as the name has inspired this series of contemporary dramatic images!

To celebrate Ophelia’s sacrifice for love and her colourful love story that symbolised courage, determination and integrity, the A Cut Above Artistic Team led by Creative Director, Faevien Yee has put together nine artistic looks that exude the boldness and timeless elegance of Ophelia for the salon’s Spring/Summer 2021 Haute Couture Hair Trend Collection. Besides shining a spotlight on trendsetting reds such as statement red, burgundy ombre, copper red, shiraz red and strawberry blonde, the team has added hints of pink, turquoise-green, blue-violet and yellow-orange into the mix to inject some positive energy into our days as we patiently wait for the doors of our favourite salon to reopen. Check out the looks below:

Bring this ’80s look to life by adding volume to the top of your hair. To achieve this, style your blow-dried hair into a modern quiff, then apply styling paste to the tips to create a spiky effect.

Get your groove on with this messy red-hot hair! Use a volumizing spray at the top of your head as you blow dry your hair. Once it’s set, apply texturizing paste to mess up the strands and create some movement.

The ‘helmet look’ is the way to go when you’re trying to tell the world that you mean business. Flat iron your hair and softly flick out the fringe and ends. Secure the dramatic result with a strong-hold hairspray.

To create this rather mysterious look, have your hair blow dried to one side. Softly flick out the ends and apply some defining cream to control frizz. Finish by spritzing on a strong-hold hairspray.

For a change, instead of having your high bun at the back of your head, have it up on the crown just like how the queen would do it! Secure it firmly using bobby pins and use a glossy hairspray for extra shine.

Strong structured bobs are ideal if you have a V-shaped face. On days when your hair is limp and uncooperative, all you need to do is blow dry it. Focus more on the roots so that you can build your hair volume and use a matte spray to make the colour pop!

Even on the darkest of days, there will still be light that you can look forward to seeing, so go ahead and funk up your hair! Use a mist to give your locks a bit of shine and a curling iron to create modern-day beach waves. Seal the look with a sea salt spray for more volume and a natural finish!

Fish net braids are ideal on days when you want to stand out from the crowd. Firstly, divide hair into eight parts on the crown to build volume on the upper part. Split each part into half and tie it in shoelace style, all the way down. Work your way to the back of your head by repeating this process on each section and once you’re done, use a strong-hold hairspray to secure your hair in place.

Themed parties are the best, so why not give this tousled rock-star look a shot for the next one you’re hosting or heading to after the MCO is lifted? Smoothen your hair using a flat iron, then pick a few strands and tousle them between your fingers to create a spiky effect. Use a strong-hold hairspray at the ends and you’re all set!

Additional text: Vasenta Selvanayagam
Soon Lau/Awesome Image
Concept, art direction & styling:
Faevien Yee
Anita Tang
Faevien Yee & Dicksum Low
Assisted by:
Eshmund Wong, Limei Low & Wai Mei Mah
Alessandra Borges, Hanna Boyko, Lilia Viktorova & VictoriaVlada/Tangerine Models & Jennifer Kennedy
Outfits & accessories:
Custom creations for A Cut Above

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