Mall decorations have become something that we Malaysians look forward to during any festive season, and most of the time, especially during Christmas, we even expect to see Santa Claus in the centre court handing out presents to children. Although we’re unsure if he’ll be making an appearance this year since our Covid-19 cases are still pretty high, our spirits are very much lifted upon seeing Coach’s ‘Give A Little Love’ holiday installation at the entrance of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, which will be up until 2nd January 2022.

Photography: Coach

Inspired by a snowy park in New York City, which is the brand’s hometown, the installation features iconic Coach creatures walking through a stunning white landscape and a gigantic Christmas tree as the centrepiece flanked by a couple of majestic polar bears. As you stand in front of the tree and make a Christmas wish like how you would in Manhattan’s Central Park, take a look around and see yourself surrounded by Belle the penguin, Ginger the fox, Holly the deer, Luna the owl, Paddles the goose, Robin the bird and Spike the hedgehog.

Photography: Coach

But that’s not all, as there’s also a tunnel filled with twinkling lights where Aly the alpaca and Holly the deer stand tall with their eyes covered in pink eye masks from Coach. In all honesty, the only thing missing from this entire set-up is snow, but in place of that, Coach is featuring its holiday campaign video which showcases the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Kiko Mizuhara and Michael B. Jordan walking during winter on the big screen right outside the Pavilion Elite store. Not to forget, Rexy’s special appearance at the main display window, which brings out the happy-go-lucky and curious side in all of us!

Photography: Coach

In the coming weeks leading up to Christmas, you can expect to see more phygital activities unveiled by Coach – from a curated giant 3D animation to interactive in-store games and more. No Christmas is complete without a wish list, so below, we share the top Coach items from the holiday collection that are on #TheScoopSquad’s list:

1. Angela De Souza, Associate Marketing Manager

As a working mum who needs to always be on standby for my son, T-shirts and jeans are must-haves in my wardrobe. Since young, my style has always been casual and graphic tees have a special place in my heart. If anything, they depict my emotions whenever I wear them, as each one would carry a different message. The latest winter-ready penguin tee from Coach got my attention almost immediately as it depicts how I would like to celebrate this Christmas: free and easy as I ski my way into the new year without any drama! To go with it, I’d pick the sporty-looking striped Field Tote that isn’t only practical and versatile but stylish too.”


2. Asha Kesotra, Content Writer

“I know how humid our weather can be, but I don’t use it as an excuse to not get comfortable in sweaters and hoodies – especially if they’ve got a cute print or outstanding design. I’m in love with the vivid colours of this jacket, and to top it off, it’s so soft that it almost feels like I’ve got a plush pillow on! Comfort is my ultimate goal when it comes to dressing up, and the ‘Intarsia’ sweater with the image of Rexy in the centre is my second go-to, especially on days when I want to tell people that I mean business.”


3. Isaac Fung, Chief Product Officer

"On a normal day, I stick to wearing black from top to toe cos it takes away the stress of dressing up daily, but this striking puffer jacket caught my eye instantly and makes me want to wear colours, for once! Seeing that it's an eye-catching piece, I'll no doubt be wearing it to parties and nights out with the boys, and pairing it with a plain white tee and plaid pants for contrast. If I'm already going to be working the colours into my look, I'd definitely want to go all out, right? As for the bag, it perfect for everyday use and fits all my essentials. It's yet classy and low profile at the same time, and will complement my colourful outfit too. Nmention, the multiple compartments are something I truly appreciate. Ultimately, when the international borders open again, I can even travel with it!"


4. Samantha Yap, Chief Operating Officer

“The one thing that I can’t decipher is how people can fit the world into their minuscule bags! Personally, I need the space to fit my daily essentials and without a good bag, I feel incomplete when I leave my house. Coach’s Field Tote with patches comes in an ideal size for me to fit everything including multiple hand sanitisers, face masks and wet wipes, and to top it off, the adorable patches on the bag pretty much tell the world that I can appear calm and cool, but be fun or serious at the same time too. To complete my look, I’d pick the strappy heels which come in a timeless colour and design that match all my outfits. I can wear it to work, a wedding party or even a dinner date with my hubby. In a nutshell, the bag and shoes are ideal for my everyday use, regardless of the occasion!”


5. Vasenta Selvanayagam, Digital Content Producer

“I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with sweaters because most of the time, although the designs are attractive, our weather doesn’t seem to support me wanting to wear them out! But thankfully, since the borders are finally opening up, I’d have a chance to experience Christmas and winter with my family again this year, and to reward myself, I’d pick this red Snoopy sweatshirt from Coach. Instead of going for a women’s cut, I’m going for a men’s fit as it’s bigger, so there’ll be plenty of room for me to layer it on top of a white shirt or black dress. At the same time, Snoopy’s image on the sweater serves as a motivation for me to walk into 2022 on a positive note! To complete my look, I’d pick this Coach backpack that I can fully utilise. Over the years, I’ve come to realise that while I can’t deal with a small bag, I can’t have an extra-large one either as that’ll only make me end up carrying a lot of unnecessary stuff. The size of this backpack is ideal cos it isn’t too big nor too small and will fit my daily essentials without going overboard. The plus point is that when paired with the sweater, I’ll feel like a teenager walking around town all over again!”


6. Yang Mei Ling, Chief Editor

“Although it doesn't look like the temperature in KL will drop anytime soon, nor will I be celebrating Christmas in New York City, I've got my eyes on the 'Leona' boot in Lagoon as it comes in one of my favourite shades (which is pretty rare) and will look super cool when paired with a mini dress! Crafted of smooth leather and durable nylon printed with Coach's signature Cs, the pair of boots will help me dash through the crowds and sort out my gift-shopping for Christmas in comfort and style. Once I'm done with that, I'd change into a pair of 'Wynie' stiletto booties for a night out with my girls. It looks simple yet classy in white and the top part reminds me of a drawstring gift bag – how perfect for the season!"


Featured image: Coach
Design: Lester Liang

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