Despite it being a quiet Father’s Day this year, we can’t help but reminisce on the good ol’ days we had with our dads. Here, we ask 11 personalities to tell us more about theirs and the bond they share with the most important man in their lives as they look back at some of the best messages they got or grew up with.

Andre Amir – Digital creator

“I had the kindest and most easy-going dad. Career wise, he was supportive of the decisions that his kids made and I’m glad to have had him as a parent. He was a man of a few words but whatever his advice was, it must’ve been great for me to grow up to be who I am today. I’m proud to end up just like him; speaking of good things and only when it’s important.”

Dad’s best advice: “Read ahead and then only speak.”

Az Samad – Jazz guitarist, composer & educator

“There were times when my dad (A. Samad Said) was more like a friend than a father to me. Our relationship is dynamic and it has changed over time. Thanks to his advice, I now get to enjoy each and every day as a music educator!”

Dad’s best advice: “Make what you love as your career.”

Charis Ow – Content creator, singer & entrepreneur

“Tough love is how I’d describe our relationship. Instead of spoiling his kids, he inspired us and made us work hard to achieve our goals and dreams – all using our own strength and abilities.”

Dad’s best advice: “Life is unfair, but you have to deal with it!”

Daler Yusuf – Actor & model

“I grew up with my grandparents and only had the chance to get to know my father in the last few years. He was full of life and had many plans and dreams. Sadly, he passed away last year. I guess he never thought his time would come so soon, before achieving his dreams.”

Dad’s best advice: “Be brave when it comes to making decisions and don’t let others kill your courage. Prove them wrong by accomplishing the goals that you’ve set for yourself.”

Jasmine Suraya Chin – Actress

“My dad was pretty easy-going and not the typical ‘get straight A’s and learn the violin’ kind of Asian parent. He always encouraged me to travel, explore and experience the world and everything that life has to offer. When I wanted to go to South Africa on an exchange programme as a teenager, he was my champion and greatest supporter – much to the horror of my mum! At his funeral, his friends told me how he had proudly announced that his daughter was going to be an actress. His pride has sustained me to this day and he’s the reason I still find the courage to take risks.”

Dad’s best advice: “Be independent and don’t ever be afraid to take risks in life.”

Jelisa Shanjana – Host & presenter

“My relationship with my dad was very special although I lost him at the age of 13. We always spent time together, whether it was just watching TV or those mornings before I went to school while he read his newspaper. We were close, so losing him was very tough for me. As the youngest child, I’d say he pampered me a lot compared to my sisters, but he was still very strict and firm. I hold on to those same principles till today.”

Dad’s best advice: “Appreciate the little things in life – from the small conversations to just about anything about a person. We have a life to live to its fullest cos you’ll never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. It’s not about the length of life but the depth of life that truly matters.”

Jestinna Kuan – Content creator & singer

“My dad is my SUPERHERO. He’s my anchor, my rock and the one-of-a-kind man. He’s totally funny and we’re the best of friends!”

Dad’s best advice: “Even if the whole world is against you, your family will always be there to support and strengthen you.”

Josh Kua – Musician

“From my dad, I learnt the meaning of humility and love through actions. We can both be rather quiet but passionate at the same time. I’ll always admire his commitment and empathy.”

Dad’s best advice: “Only lend money to people if you’re not expecting it back.”

Juliana Sophie Evans – Actress & brand creator

“I never stood alone, for what stood behind me was the most potent moral force in my life – the love of my father.”

Dad’s best advice: “Life is what you make of it.”

Mark O’dea – Actor, parody maker, TV host & YouTuber

“I miss my dad a lot because I don’t live in the UK where he resides. But when we speak over the phone or when I visit him in England, it feels like we just saw each other a week ago cos we get along so well! We always joke around and have a good laugh together. He really is a very cool dad! I’m always looking for ways to make my parents proud and if they’re proud of what I’ve achieved then I feel a sense of accomplishment.”

Dad’s best advice: “Do what makes you happy!”

Sharifah Amani – Actress

“My dad’s a Gemini like me. He gave me my sharp wit and sense of humour. He’s an entertainer and his stories and jokes would be the highlight of any party! I may have learned how to act from my mum but my dad taught me how to be a superstar. Not many can challenge his charisma. He’s the best dad in the world because he’s an amazing person. He exposed my sisters and I to all kinds of films, music and art. He’s an avid lover of art that he even married his favourite actress! Thank you, Pa, for the gift of love and life. We wouldn’t know what to do without you.”

Dad’s best advice: “Never forget your spirit. Things happen and you may fall or be devastated but you must never forget your spirit. In the end, all you have is you, in the best way possible.”

Featured image compiled by: Fatin Izzatie

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