Having been stuck within the four walls of our homes for a couple of months (or even longer, for others) has left us longing for new sources of entertainment and ways of connecting with the outside world. Besides spending even more time on Instagram, Netflix and TikTok than before to kill boredom, some of us even became shopaholics overnight thanks to the monthly sales on Shopee and Lazada: think 5.5, 6.6, 7.7 and soon, 8.8 – where we got to stock up on the things we never knew we “needed” before this lockdown – yikes! Speaking of online shopping, we’ve stumbled upon some interesting DIY kits that are guaranteed to keep you busy crafting (or cooking!) this FMCO. Over the weekend and perhaps some weekday nights, you might even find new hobbies and hidden skills you never knew you had in you!


1. Crafti-Kit Bubble & Fizz Bath Bomb Kit from Craftiviti

Honestly, this is the best time to create my very own bath bomb and enjoy it in the bath tub or as a foot soak during my weekly self-care sessions! Just hearing the sound of it fizzing and slowly dissolving in the water is enough to make me feel at peace. It gives off a soothing effect similar to listening to the rain and just being in the present. I’m sure that’s what we all need now: to be in the present, despite all the chaos that’s happening in the country. With the Crafti-Kit Bubble& Fizz Bath Bomb Kit (RM120), you can make up to 14 big bath bombs! If you’re up for other challenges, you can go for the Kuih Buih Soap Kit (RM145) and Cocoa Mint Lip Balm Kit (RM180).

Get your Crafti-Kits (RM120–RM180) here.

2. DIY purse with embroidery from DIY Artist Malaysia

This DIY shop was among one of the online shops I’m most fascinated with as it’s got all sorts of DIY kits to satisfy my hobbies and whims from different mediums like batik painting, embroidery, scratch painting, sewing and weaving all in one place! The best part? The prices for all the kits are reasonable too. Although the DIY purse (RM36) was what caught my eye at first since I prefer buying something usable and handy for daily use, I’m thinking of giving a few other DIY kits from this shop a go in the next month!

Get your DIY fix (RM22–RM125.90) here.

3. Jewellery-Making DIY Kit from Enchantment by Sebastian

If this isn’t a sign to start creating your own jewellery to gift yourself or someone, or start that small business you’ve been putting off for the longest time, then I don’t know what is! This Jewellery-Making DIY Kit is great for beginners who haven’t tried jewellery-making before or has buttery fingers (like me!) to create their very own bracelet and a pair of earrings. The kit comes with the tools you’ll need, shell pearls and 14K gold-plated findings, and there’s a QR code to scan for instructions through a booklet or video in English, Malay and Chinese! Enchantment by Sebastian houses workshops at Level 5, Sunway Velocity Mall on non-MCO days, and has retail spaces at Isetan KLCC and The Gardens Mall.

Get your Jewellery-Making DIY Kit (RM79) here.

4. Lip Balm Making Kit from Handmade Soap Malaysia

Before the lockdown, Handmade Soap Malaysia has been actively conducting workshops on making various therapeutic  DIY items – from lipsticks to aromatherapy candles. Now, you can join its online workshops where you’ll learn to create Natural Skin Care and Mineral Make Up (priced at RM450 each) – it’s a great way to connect with other DIY junkies while learning something new! If you’re not up for online workshops, you can purchase the DIY Material Kits that come with a guide and easy-to-make ingredients and tools like the Moisturizing & Repairing Lip Balm Making (RM68–RM80) or the Aromatherapy Soy Wax Candle & Floral Wax Sachets Making (RM168–RM178). The price range is based on the essential oils you choose to purchase for your kit!

Get your DIY Material Kits (RM68–RM178) here.

5. Scented Candle DIY Kit from Self Supply

With the lockdown and never-ending stay-at-home days, many of us have resorted to purchasing scented candles to create a particular mood, enrich our senses and remind us of a certain event, place or person. So, having the chance to create your very own scented soy wax candle is a must-do this FMCO (or whatever MCO we’re in!) to enjoy the relaxing process of candle-making and lighting it up. The price ranges depending on your choice of opting for a jar kit or a mould kit; the latter comes with adorable cloud and flower moulds you can use to create your candles!

Get your Scented Candle DIY Kit (RM64.90–RM72.90) here.


6. Aburi Package from Oonee

I’ve always wondered how it’d feel like to be working in a Japanese restaurant behind conveyor belts and transparent windows, slicing sashimi into mouthful bites with the faint smell of torched meat lingering in the air… ah, bliss! It just doesn’t feel complete without the extra smokey hotness to my already tempting dish and this set does it all. For RM1,190, you’ll get a large Bafun Uni Grade A (250g), Engawa AA (500g), Shoyu Ikura (500g), a gold leaf pack and get this – my favourite torch and gas! For Shabu-shabu lovers, Oonee has the A5 Wagyu Shabu Shabu Set A (RM588) and A5 Wagyu Shabu Shabu Set B (RM1,288). In addition to that, with Oonee’s latest DIY Lobster Roll Kit (RM308), you’ll get to create four rolls of brioche with yummy lobsters. However, for the time being, you can only order it through DM on Instagram or WhatsApp to 0126651665 or 0123882527.

Get your Aburi Package & Shabu Shabu fix (RM588–RM1,288 here.

7. Aori Cook @ Home Kit from Aori Ramen Malaysia

Dining in Japanese restaurants are the best! You get to anticipate your long-awaited bowl of hot soup after a long day at work while you resist the temptation of grabbing every sushi that passes you at the conveyor belt. But as we await the day when we can freely dine in our favourite ramen house again, we can find joy through this Cook @ Home Kit from Aori Ramen that’s made for us to reminisce its flavourful ramen and broth from the comfort of our home. Priced from RM28, you can choose to get a single portion (which looks filling enough for a petite person like me!), a portion for two at RM55 that comes with beef and onsen eggs, or a four- to six-pax meal with Narutomaki at RM100 and RM150 respectively.

Get your Aori Cook @ Home Kit (RM28–RM150) here.

8. Decorate @ Home Series from Good Times DIY Baking Studio

If only you could hear the kid in me screaming when I saw that Good Times DIY Baking Studio has got decorative DIY sets to create Unicorn Fondant cupcakes, Little Mermaid cupcakes, Tom & Jerry cheesecake and Winnie the Pooh cookies! If you’re a fan of adding a touch of fun and colour to your food creations like I do, I’m sure you’ll love this hassle-free decorative set with all the ingredients and tools you’ll need to unleash your creativity at home! If you’re a mama, let your kids take a break from screen time and hang out with you in the kitchen instead. The cookies go for RM70/set while the cupcakes and cake are priced at RM85.

Get your Decorate @ Home Series (RM70–RM85) here.

9. Homegrown Set from Give Gifting Services

This brilliant Homegrown Set has just given me the idea of gifting this to my mum for her to start her mini garden despite her complaints about the lack of space at home! And yes, she can even fulfil her dream of harvesting her very own food that she grew and bring it straight from the garden to the dining table. The best part about this set is that the fresh oyster mushrooms look absolutely stunning, are easy to care and can be harvested up to four times! Did I mention that this set comes with thyme and cherry tomato seeds along with other gardening tools for you to plant too? I can already picture my mum spending 99% of her time keeping an eye on the mushrooms’ growth and waiting for the right time to grab a handful to cook in tom yam soup for steamboat night!

Get your Homegrown Set (RM78) here.

10. The Boba Starter Kit from Bobobaba

Frankly speaking, I miss those pre-Covid days where we’d wait in long queues just to get our hands on our favourite bubble tea! I remember the many times when my friends and I would be super psyched to try the latest boba tea shop in town and review its taste while posting them up on our Instagram stories. Coming across Bobobaba reminded me of those carefree days I spent with my college mates and I wondered, what if we could remake those memories again? Even if it’s just a virtual meet, we can bond over making our own boba tea and share our thoughts on the different flavours that this starter kit comes with. I honestly can’t wait to relive the good ol’ days! This starter kit comes with nine interesting flavours – from Assam Black Pearl Milk Tea to Thai Pearl Milk Tea and more, a reusable bubble tea cup set in a colour of your choice and reusable stainless-steel ice cubes packed for your convenience. What’s not to love?

Get your Boba Tea Starter Kit (RM126) here.

Featured image: Selfsupplydotcom

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