Happy International Women’s Day! In celebration of this joyous day, Zalora is throwing a week-long digital festival for all you beauty fans out there. From today to 15th March 2021, the Zalora Beauty Festival will feature some of our all-time favourite beauty brands such as Benefit, Laneige, Paula’s Choice, Shiseido, Sulwhasoo and more with exciting offers of up to 50% and free gifts when you purchase from the participating brands. Be sure to check out Zalora’s Instagram too, as you’ll stand a chance of winning exclusive prizes while tuning in to live beauty tutorials by industry experts!

Not sure what to get from the Zalora Beauty Festival? Fret not cos the #ScoopSquad has tried and tested a handful of products to make your search for the next best beauty goodies a whole lot easier! Check out our reviews below:

Benefit They’re Real! Magnet Mascara, RM139  

“Nowadays, I prefer to skip the eyeliner and go for a volumising and lengthening mascara instead. This newbie from Benefit really did the trick as it gave my lashes a feathery-long look and really brightened up my eyes! The magic lies within its magnetically-charged core on its wand and the magnetic mineral-enriched formula. The wand actually helps to pull, lift and extend the formula so that with every flick, my lashes look longer and longer. Not only that, its formula is lightweight and totally buildable so achieving that woken-up, bright-eyed look is super easy!” – Rachel Dulis, Content Marketing Executive

Embryolisse. Make-up Removers Eau de Beauté Rosamélis 4 Flower Waters Toner, RM75  

“I love multifunctional products that work for all skin types – and this one is such a pleasant surprise seeing that it works as a toner, refreshing mist, makeup fixing mist and makeup remover, and comes in a handy spray bottle too! Made of rose flower water, cornflower water, orange blossom water and hamamelis flower water, the light floral scent of this beauty elixir works for any time of the day – whether I’m using it as a toner and makeup fixing mist in the morning, as a refreshing mist in the afternoon or as a makeup remover at the end of a long day. On top of that, my skin feels clean, refreshed and soothed... what’s not to love?” – Yang Mei Ling, Chief Editor

Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Eau de Parfum, RM301  

“TBH, I have a love-hate relationship with this perfume. While its tangy and refreshing first notes make a good pick to freshen up my day in the AM, the scent became a lot more spicy after a few hours. Funnily enough, the changes of the fragrance pretty much reflected how my emotions changed throughout the day, and by mid-afternoon, it would settle down and transform into a strong masculine aroma. As for the end notes, it felt like a dark cloud in the clear blue sky, thanks to its very woody base. This wasn’t quite my cup of tea as I prefer to have a lighter and calming scent at the end of a long day so that I can wind down with ease.” – Isaac Fung, Chief Product Officer

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask EX, RM135  

“This sleeping mask keeps its promise to thoroughly nourish and hydrate my skin while I catch up on my sleep. When it comes to my sensitive, stressed and tired skin, this goodie delivered an intense dose of moisture that instantly cooled and calmed it down. I could definitely feel and see a difference in my complexion since the first day I tried this sleeping mask! While I was worried about sleeping with a mask on, I was pleasantly surprised when the stickiness dissipated once the formula absorbed into my skin. During the day, my skin stayed soft and supple without becoming shiny or breaking out. Love!” – Angela De Souza, Associate Marketing Manager

Make Up For Ever Hydra Booster Step 1 Primer, RM169

“This translucent primer is glossy and suitable for all skin tones. It’s totally ideal for my extremely dry skin as it made my face look and feel moisturised instantly. However, on a very hot day, it did make my T-zone look more oily than usual, which meant that I had to blot my face a couple of times throughout the day. But in terms of application, it was extremely easy. Just a little bit of this primer is enough to make my skin look fresh, hydrated and evened out, after I realised that it also made my makeup look good and stay put for long hours!” – Vasenta Selvanayagam, Digital Content Producer

Philosophy Nature In A Jar Gentle Detoxifying Cleanser With Agave, RM116

“I’m usually attracted to scented skincare but despite this cleanser not being one, I was hooked to the whipped texture from the first wash! I like how the gentle cleanser transforms into a rich, creamy lather instantly and the blend of naturally-derived cleansing agents with agave cryoextract and glycerin helps to detoxify skin without leaving it feeling dry but comfortably soft, clean and balanced. Rest assured it’s good for your skin cos it’s formulated without parabens, phthalates and sulphates (SLS & SLES), and it’s vegan and gluten-free too. Although I’m all for the eco-responsible packaging that’s made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, I wish that it comes in a tube instead of a bottle.” – Yang Mei Ling, Chief Editor

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum Ex, RM199  

“I’ve never tried anything from Suwhasoo before this and didn’t know what to expect as my complexion is generally prone to breakouts, so introducing a new product into my daily skincare routine is pretty daunting. However, this First Care Activating Serum Ex not only comes with a great scent but its light and cooling texture didn’t feel heavy on my face at all. I like how this serum prepares my skin and makes it more receptive to receive the benefits of the next products I put on, and leaves my face feeling softer and smoother too!” – Angela De Souza, Associate Marketing Manager

The Raw. Daily Ceramide Moisturiser, RM56.90

“Over the past year, I’ve been focusing on moisturising and hydrating formulas in my skincare as I’ve been struggling with oily skin and acne. Thus, this ceramide moisturiser by The Raw. felt really good on my skin as it’s rich in ceramides, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) and squalane. My skin was very hydrated throughout the day and only needed one spritz of moisturising mist in total. The best part about it is that it’s great for skin with eczema (which I have from time to time) and also non-comedogenic, fragrance-, colourant- and cruelty-free!” – Rachel Dulis, Content Marketing Executive

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