Like all other years, 2021 is coming to an end. As we look back on our hits and misses this year, let’s not forget to give ourselves a pat on the back for making it through yet another pandemic year. While the keywords that continue to linger in our minds are #covid19 and #lockdown, there’s no reason not to be optimistic and welcome 2022 on a positive note. Be it for yourself or your loved ones whom you’d like to say “thank you” to, here’s a handpicked list of surprises that’ll put a smile on your face – and theirs!

1. Apple AirPods (3rd generation)

If you’re an Apple user and have yet to make the change from regular earphones to the world’s most popular wireless headphones, now’s the perfect time for you to do it! The all-new 3rd-generation Apple AirPods come with shorter stems compared to its previous models to give you that extra comfort at work, when you’re working out or just chilling at home. Thanks to the gyroscopes and accelerometers in the device that can track your head movements, you’ll always feel like the songs you play are balanced in both ears, no matter where you are. More than that, the pieces come with inward facing microphones that can adjust frequencies accordingly to give you the best sound effects. With a longer battery life and its ability to automatically switch between all your devices, you know this is now a must-have that you’ll need to tick off your wish list! While you’re at it, don’t forget to get the casing of your AirPods engraved with a mix of emojis, text and numbers for free at any Apple store.

Shop the 3rd Generation AirPods (RM829) here.

2. Cartier ‘Diabolo De Cartier’ Box (Medium Model)

Thinking of getting a unique gift for your bestie? Or perhaps, you’re redecorating your vanity area and looking for a special trinket box that’ll bring joy to your life and remind you of the ‘new’ you? Then consider getting this adorable yet refined Cartier box that makes a great gift and will also add a touch of whimsy to your space. Made from lacquered wood and gold-finished metal, this piece fits snugly in your hands and can be used to store your most priceless possessions besides jewellery alone. If you’re a travel enthusiast, you can even consider using this box to store the items you’ve collected from your worldly adventures that you’d always want to remember, in here.

Shop the ‘Diabolo De Cartier’ Box (RM3,650) here.

3. Gift Edition Dyson Corrale Straightener in Prussian Blue/Rich Copper

If you’ve been holding back on splurging on a heat-styling tool, there’s no better time to make the investment than now. Bid goodbye to BHD (that’s bad hair days!) especially on days when you have important meetings or events to attend, thanks to the Corrale straightener in a new, limited-edition colourway. Did you know that the Prussian Blue pigment originated from Berlin in 1706 when Diesbach, a paint maker, accidentally created a deep blue hue while attempting to make red? Before the shade was created, painters would use a combination of materials to create it, including the precious gemstone, lapis lazuli! Unique colour aside, one of the key features of this device is its manganese copper alloy plates that would gently gather your hair, and thanks to its curved outer body, you can create not only curves and waves, but also sleek, straight hairstyles instantly! Suitable for all hair types, the Corrale comes with an OLED screen that displays battery level, temperature setting and charging status, and a universal voltage and flight-ready feature that allows you to have your desired hairstyle wherever you go.

Shop the Gift Edition Corrale Straightener in Prussian Blue/Rich Copper (RM2,199) here. To personalise the case with your initials (or your giftee’s) with complimentary debossing, head to the Dyson Demo Store at The Gardens Mall.

4. Kate Spade New York ‘Heartbreaker’ Smooth Leather 3D Heart Crossbody in Lingonberry

A new handbag never fails to make our day, especially one that’ll make us stand out from the crowd at a party or dinner date. What we love most about this heart-shaped bag from Kate Spade New York’s 2021 Holiday collection (besides its super cute look and shape!) is the fact that it’s surprisingly roomy and will easily hold all your essentials and then some. On top of that, you can style it in two ways – tote it or sling it – depending on your mood or OOTD! Its bright red shade doesn’t only send out happy vibes to the universe, but also serves as a gentle reminder that we should all be spreading love and kindness, and promoting self-love at a time when we need it the most.

Shop the ‘Heartbreaker’ Smooth Leather 3D Heart Crossbody in Lingonberry (RM1,950) at Kate Spade New York stores or contact for details from January 2022 onwards.

5. Nespresso ‘Gift of the Forest’ Limited-edition Festive capsules (a collaboration with Johanna Ortiz)

We all have that one friend who can’t start the day without a good cup of coffee, so it might be a good idea to get him/her this limited-edition coffee capsules from Nespresso. In partnership with Colombian luxury fashion designer, Johanna Ortiz, Nespresso’s festive collection is an interplay between nature and sustainability as the brand is helping to protect 10 million trees in the Amazon through this collaboration! Take your pick from the three options available – Forest Black (a spicy espresso with woody notes), Forest Fruit (a flavoured espresso that has the aroma of juicy berries from South American Arabicas) and Forest Almond (a sweet and nutty flavoured espresso that comes with almond notes marked by vanilla and light fruitiness) and let your friend know that you’re truly thankful for his/her existence in your life!

Shop the Nespresso Atelier (RM1,499) and ‘Gift of Forest’ Limited-edition Festive capsules (a collaboration with Johanna Ortiz) – Forest Black, Forest Fruit and Forest Almond (RM27 per sleeve) here.

Photography, set design, styling & art direction: Tan Guo Xiang
Coordination: Yang Mei Ling & Vasenta Selvanayagam

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