If you’ve visited any of the vaccination centres in Malaysia – whether it’s to get jabbed or accompany a family member, you’d know what we’re talking about. While there might’ve been one or two unforeseen circumstances that have caused Malaysians to complain about the situation on social media, that isn’t the case at all on normal days at the PPV centres.

The places are generally very organised in terms of signages, walking lanes (it’s almost impossible for anyone to get lost inside!) and above all, the people who are assisting you at these places – from the abang polis to RELA (The People’s Volunteer Corps), doctors and volunteers – are the ones who make the entire experience for everyone efficient and pleasant. Ever since our Miss Universe Malaysia 2019, Shweta Sekhon got her first dose of the vaccine, she has made it a point to regularly volunteer at the PPV centres. In a nutshell, this is Shweta’s experience as a volunteer and here’s why she encourages anyone – especially youngsters who don’t have any commitments – to sign up as a volunteer too.

“Volunteering at the Putra World Trade Centre makes me feel so proud – seeing the entire nation come together with one mission, and that is to combat the pandemic; be it the organisers, frontliners or anyone else. Working for 12 to 13 hours straight can be very exhausting as a volunteer but I’ve never seen anyone complain about it. Instead, we as volunteers are open-heartedly willing to extend our hours every time there’s a need to do so.
     In simpler terms, I’d describe it like this: imagine you’re at home and a group of people come to your house to help. You welcome them with open arms and treat them accordingly and then send them off with well wishes. That’s exactly how the vibe at the PPV is like. Together, everyone at the centre assists those who’re coming to get their vaccinations by answering their queries, guiding them and after everything is done, we send them off with positive vibes. Our job as a volunteer is to ensure that they are happy, comfortable and safe when they get their vaccine. Therefore, we often see patients walking in with fear but they walk out feeling happy and satisfied!
     I registered myself as a volunteer via BookDoc, a digital health technology solution provider that connects patients to healthcare experts at any time. Founded in 2015, this platform is available in five countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Thailand. Thanks to the effort of the volunteers from this platform and other healthcare providers, the vaccination process for the public gets completed in less than 15 minutes for every individual. The entire team that’s working on ground is friendly and welcoming. If you’re going to get your shot soon, you don’t have to be fearful as we’re all here to answer any question you may have.
     The best part about being a volunteer here is that we’re not only showered with love but also blessings. It’s something that can’t be seen but to me personally, is invaluable. This is one of the reasons why every single day I’m motivated to do my part in serving my country, Malaysia.
     I personally would like to encourage all the youths out there to sign up as a volunteer and do your part by helping others to combat Covid-19. To the rest, stay home! It’s important for us to curb this pandemic and emerge stronger, together.”

If you’re interested to become a volunteer, click here to find out more.

Featured Image: @Shweta_sekhon
Makeup: @davidangck
Outfit: @jimmycouture

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