Have you been frantically checking your bank account every day and worrying about your balance? Well, Capricorns, this year you won’t have to. You’ll find that your wallets will be blissfully fuller this year, and you’ll feel more secure than ever. That said, don’t get careless with your spending! Try to find ways of earning more income by profiting from your best skills, whether it’s through a social media sponsorship, freelancing, learning to invest wisely or starting a new side hustle. Download a useful budget app to track your expenses and try to shop more wisely.

Dos: Budget apps, spring cleaning, a big wallet
Gambling, pricey meals, impulsiveness


As deep thinkers, sometimes Aquarians might get too lost in their own thoughts. Last year’s unfortunate situations might have made you keep second-guessing your actions and decisions. In 2021, you’ll see yourself gaining a whole lot of confidence. Stop those negative feelings and start believing in your capabilities cos they’ll take you far this year! Apply for your dream job, even if it’s a position you think you’re underqualified for. Always been meaning to try out that dance routine but feel too shy? As Nike says, JUST DO IT! If you’re really struggling with your confidence, speak to someone about it, but remember not to rely too much on validation from others.

Dos: Inspirational quotes, healthy boundaries, a new wardrobe
Don’ts: Dark colours, toxic relationships, being on the sidelines


Whether you're an atheist or religiously affiliated, you’ll find spiritual support and peace of mind this year. You’re probably known to pull out the Kleenex every now and then for a good old cry. If you’ve often been feeling troubled last year, 2021 will give you a lot more release; you just have to be able to let go of relationships or things that no longer belong in your life. If you’re feeling like you’re about to explode, try spending time in nature while you can. Go for a walk, cycle or hike, or even sit by the window bathing yourself in sunlight. We can’t exactly explain it, but we promise that all the natural positive energy will do you some good!

Dos: Natural lighting, the outdoors, gratitude journals
Too much crying, dim spaces, social media


For those born under this sign, your motto is to ‘go big or go home’. What’s the point of trying if you aren’t gonna achieve it all? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the 2021 you will be an upgraded and improved version of the 2020 you! Hit the (home) gym and hone your workout techniques, read up on topics you’ve been meaning to learn, or teach yourself something totally new! If you’re thinking of starting a family, now could be the right time to start. This is the year of expansion for you, and you will definitely end 2021 feeling like you’ve upgraded yourself physically, mentally and emotionally! Just make sure that you don’t exhaust yourself in the process.

Dos: Healthy food, YouTube workout routines, Coursera/Google Digital Garage
‘Advice’ from annoying relatives, oversentimentality, being boxed in


Taureans are notorious for being stubborn. Though your friends might feel like ripping their hair out every time you have a strong opinion about something and refuse to budge, let that tenacity you’re famous for be your biggest advantage this year. Stick to your guns and always do what you think is right for you, whether it’s starting that new course you’ve always wanted to do or making that huge (and maybe unpopular or slightly controversial) decision at work. Everything you’ve worked for will come into fruition by mid-year, and your boss, friends, family and important figures in your life will end up congratulating you for it! Remember to stand your ground, but don’t be overly aggro.

Dos: Talking points, constructive debates, confidence
Arguments, rudeness, ghosting people


Geminis can be a little flighty, often flitting from hobby to hobby, idea to idea, or decision to decision. In 2021, give yourself the space to learn, grow and evaluate your goals and actions. Draw up a game plan for yourself cos this year, you’ll be showing the world what you’re truly made of! Don’t waste time gossiping or fretting over the smallest things. Spend time reading up on world issues, politics and daily news portals (not just the celeb goss section!) and we promise that you’ll come out of 2021 feeling way more fulfilled and knowledgeable than before.

Dos: Dictionaries, news apps, an e-reader
Gossip, drama, fickleness


We know you really want to bury yourself in that shell of yours (and you should – we’re in the midst of a global pandemic after all!), but don’t discard your social life or exciting opportunities in favour of sticking to your creature comforts. It’s good to log off Instagram and read a book once in a while, but also remember to schedule Zoom sessions with your besties, talk to your family, play with your pet(s) and reply convos in those WhatsApp group chats you’ve probably neglected! Single Crabs might even want to get swiping on dating apps. The time you spend at home will also give you the chance to develop the best relationship you’ll ever have: the one you’re in with yourself.

Dos: Dating apps, Zoom/FaceTime catch-up sessions, (virtual) hugs
‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, 500 unread messages, sleeping in


As much as Leos love giving attention, you secretly love getting attention too, especially from your other halves! Leos in relationships will grow even closer to their partners this year; your BF/GF definitely appreciates all the support and attentiveness you’ve given them throughout the dumpster-fire year that was 2020. Single Leos might even find ‘the one’ who deserves all your undying love and care. If you’re a shy Leo, take the chance to mingle and make new friends – you might find some like-minded buddies through an activity you’re passionate about! Take the chance to really figure out what it is that you like doing in your spare time and bond with the people you meet through your hobbies.

Dos: Fun activities, appreciation texts, new friends
Declining plans, being dramatic, materialism


If you’re a Virgo, it might be a little difficult for you to accept this advice, but really, take a break. Of course, work is important for you, but instead of always stressing and getting your pen and planner out, just trust your intuition for once. Somehow, the stars will align and give you the answers you need to succeed at work. This year, you’ll be receiving some great news about your career, whether it’s a stellar rating, praise from your boss, a pay raise or promotion, or landing a new position at a company you’ve always dreamed of working in. Maybe you’ll even be starting your own business! Whatever it is, just remember that you’ve. got. this.

Dos: A good planner, celebratory bottle of wine or box of chocolates, a new gadget
Stressing out, over-planning, burnout


Creativity is a huge part of a Libran’s life and if you’re born under this sign, you definitely don’t like being caged in a box! This year, spread your wings and embrace everything you love. Open up to the people you love too (whether it’s that one person you’ve been crushing on forever, your BFFs from high school or your nearest and dearest family members). Make time for the things that make you feel good, even if it means splurging a li’l on that spa package you’ve always wanted to try. Artsy Librans might want to invest in something crafty, like a new box of paints, a sewing machine or an embroidery kit. Instead of spending money on gifts this year, why not make ’em?

Dos: Caring voice messages, massage sessions, colour pencils
Missed calls, black and white, meaningless friendships or flings


Home is where the heart is and this especially rings true for those born under this sign, in 2021. With extra safety precautions being put into place, now’s the time to snuggle up on your sofa – especially if you’ve been putting it off for a while. Some of you might only see your house as a place to recharge your batteries, but because this might not be possible in the next few months, take the time to turn your living space into a real home. Invest in some pretty or cosy cushions, frame up pics that you love, make a mug of coffee or tea and press play on that Netflix show you’ve been meaning to start. If you’re living away from your family, why not surprise them with a video call?

Dos: Throw pillows, mood lighting, home-cooked meals
Parties, packed schedules, fast food


Whip out that calendar cos it’s time for you to schedule lots of calls, emails and catch-ups! The stars are aligned in your house of communications and this could lead you to a whole load of opportunities you might not even know you had. Sagittarians love to be charitable and involved, so reach out to your colleagues and friends to see where you’re needed. Get in touch with long-lost acquaintances or your community at large, and see where you can help out, be it a bake sale for charity, a fundraising project you’ve been meaning to develop or a volunteering program. Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean that you can’t make your actions count – we promise that you’ll reap the benefits at the end of the year!

Dos: Insta Stories, new friend requests, donating
Low batteries, over committing, broken promises

Text: Arielle Yen
Zariel Zahann

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