Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who thoroughly loves you and worships the ground you walk on, yet you feel like that isn’t enough? Despite the effort and attention, you feel unhappy, discontent and bitter. It’s as if you deserved something or someone more... dare you say, better? Is this a crazy request? Then you’d go into this train of non-stop what-ifs.

What if we’ve never matched on the dating app? I wouldn’t be here today.

What if I ended it in the first few months? It would’ve been easier… perhaps.

What if I can’t find someone better than him… and I’ll be alone forever?

What if I regret my decision and it’s too late to turn back time?

Here’s another what-if for you.

What if this is what you need to do to be happy again?

What if letting them go meant that they’ll find someone who truly deserves them and you’re stopping them from meeting that person?

What if YOU’RE stopping yourself from meeting someone who truly deserves you?

What if you don’t say something now and they’re talking about marriage soon?

And no, it’s not a crazy request to ask for more.

It’s never too much to ask for something that we truly deserve.

Cos here’s the hard truth, and perhaps you know it too but need that little reminder. It takes a lot of courage to get the life that you’ve always wanted and deserved. You need to go through the uncomfortable and do the hard work first before reaching the other side. Once you’re on the other side, boy is it beautiful, colourful and a whole lot lighter than you’d imagined it to be!

Remember that those who enter your life are not there to complete you, but rather to help you grow into your own. Sometimes they stay and continue to be there with you on your journey, and sometimes they leave because their task is done. It’s when they overstay that things get heavy and overwhelming, which doesn’t feel good.

When that happens, it’s time to thank them and let them go.

Today may be the day of lovers, but for those who feel anything but love, this goes out to you.

What if this is the sign that you’ve been waiting for?

Simply put… what if?

Text: Jasmine King
Featured image:
 Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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