Our much-anticipated general election aka #GE15 is finally here and it’s time for us to fulfil our social responsibility to Malaysia. With so much that has been going on in the past few years, it took the leaders of various parties quite an effort to bring up everyone’s spirits so that they’ll go out and cast their votes.

In addition to that, many local retailers have also stepped up their game and decided to do something for the rakyat by giving out free or discounted goodies from their brands and stores to voters who show up on the 19(or within the week) with an inked finger. Scroll down to see what you can do or the places you can head to for some TLC. PS A little goes a long way!

BLD Treats

Christine’s Bakery

GO Noodle House




The Daily Grind

Drinking Adventures


Gong Cha

La Juiceria Superfoods

The Alley

Hair & Nail Therapy


Nailsmith Spa & Bar

POSH Nail Spa

Movie Time!

Golden Screen Cinemas

MBO Cinemas

Featured Image: Parker Johnson & Deva Darshan @ Unsplash

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