Did you know that the tiffin has British origins and existed since the early 19th century? While it has long been part of our Malaysian culture, it wasn’t until recent years that it was considered “cool” to own a tiffin and be seen carrying or using one. This Ramadan, the idea of feasting with family and friends, sharing food and even gifting them with a special tiffin sounds more appealing than ever – just think about the smile you’ll be putting on their faces upon receiving them! Here are six spots you can consider getting your tiffin from:

Ambon Boenda Bakery – for the artsy relative

Photography: @ambonboendabakery

Surprise your distant aunty or uncle with this tiffin filled with freshly-baked Indonesian layered cakes. Thanks to the collaboration between Ambon Boenda Bakery and local artisan, Puan Sadikah, there are three choices of hand-painted tiffin sets that you can go for: Antique Red Tiles (three tiers filled with 250 grams of fruit layer cake, 250 grams of original layer cake and five slices of pandan layer cake) and Floral Mix Hibiscus or Floral Yellow Carnation (two tiers filled with 250 grams of fruit layer cake and five slices of original layer cake). Free from all forms of preservatives, artificial colouring and MSG, these cakes are baked using imported ingredients only so that the original flavours of the Indonesian layer cake will meet the expectations of your taste buds.

Get it from: Ambon Boenda Bakery
RM258 (Antique Red Tiles) & RM228 (Floral Yellow Carnation or Floral Mix Hibiscus)

De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan – for the nature-loving grandparents

Photography: @dewan.space

Decorated fully in graphics that resemble nature, this tiffin set from De.Wan will definitely brighten up the day of those who miss spending long hours in a park. On top of that, think about the lovely surprise your loved ones will get when they find out the yummy dishes in this tiffin set are from Chef Wan’s restaurant. You can opt for the one-pax or two-pax set and both options have four selections of appetisers, mains, rice and dessert for you to choose from. Take your pick from Popiah Basah, Kerabu Pucuk Paku, Ayam Pencok, Daging Puteri Manis, Nasi Tomato, Nasi Telur Terengganu, Pulut Hitam or Pengat Nangka Pisang – or enjoy them all!

Get it from: De.Wan 1958 by Chef Wan
RM98 (1 pax) & RM158 (2 pax)

EQ Kuala Lumpur – for the celebrity cousin

Photography: @eqkualalumpur

When the minimalist approach is the best way to their hearts, nothing will mean more to them than this elegant three-tier tiffin carrier from EQ Kuala Lumpur. What we love most about this set is how it’s decorated in turquoise, navy blue or purple, which makes it suitable to be used even long after Raya is over. The Signature Tiffin Carrier Set is available until 12th May and you can either opt for the individual set (with three combos of food to pick from) or the family set (two combos of food to pick from) that can serve five people. Among the choices of traditional Malay cuisines that you can choose from are Briyani Gam Kambing, Daging Salai Masak Lemak Cili Padi, Rendang Ayam Minang, Sambal Tumis Udang Galah and Serawa Nangka. Need we say, “Yums!”?

Get it from: EQ Kuala Lumpur
RM128 (1 pax) & RM508 (5 pax)

Mary Jane KL – for the sister who has a sweet tooth

Photography: @maryjane.dining

Miss hanging out and café-hopping with your sister over the weekend? Then this tiffin set from Mary Jane is what you’ll need to reach out for to let her know that you’re thinking of her. Filled with sweet treats from this new café which has been trending on social media, the three-tier Ramadan tiffin set is beautifully decorated in floral artwork that makes it the ideal prop for flat lays too! The first tier of the tiffin is filled with Ketayap, Kuih Lapis, Pulut Teratai, Rose Sago and Seri Muka Yellow, the second is filled with Gula Melaka Truffle, Matcha Chocolate Truffle, Rose Chocolate Truffle, Salted Caramel Nutella Tart and Strawberry Tart, and the third is filled with Curry Puff, Money Bag, Pulut Panggang and Salmon Mousse. Given the chance, we’d definitely throw a mini tea party with all these treats if Covid-19 isn’t in the picture!

Get it from: Mary Jane KL

Shaun Teo Creations – for the birthday girl

Photography: @shaunteocreations

Make it a double celebration if you have a relative or friend who’s celebrating his/her birthday in May. While they might look like the real deal, these “tiffin” carriers are really (gasp!) 100 per cent edible birthday cakes! The Rama Tiffin Cake and Mawar Tiffin Cake are only available for a limited time (from 27th April to 11th May 2021) and come in fondant and butter cream respectively. Fun fact: if you opt for the medium-sized Rama Tiffin Cake, you’ll even find hidden gems in the first layer! What’s even better, you can choose the flavour of your cake: vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Now all you need to do is prep your cam!

Get it from: Shaun Teo Creations
From RM300 (Rama Tiffin Cake) & RM380 (Mawar Tiffin Cake)

Unbox by Huff & Puff – for long-lost friends

Photography: Unbox by Huff & Puff

One of the best memories that we had when we were younger was all the tasty delights we got to indulge in with our friends during Ramadan. Nothing beats that feeling of going over to their houses and having their mums fill your tummies with sweet and savoury treats! The Jom Balik Kampung tiffin set by Unbox by Huff & Puff will definitely bring these memories back with its selection of light bites from La Cucur. This three-tier paper core tiffin is filled with Serunding Daging in the first tier, Biskut Putu Kacang Hijau in the second and Dodol Pandan and Gula Melaka in the third, and secured with an acrylic handle that makes it so easy to carry around! While the tiffin cannot be rinsed with water, you can reuse it to store sweets and trinkets once you’ve finished the treats from La Cucur. The best bit is that if you top up RM10, you can opt to engrave your friend’s name on a tag (max. 10 characters without any emoji) with a message card that’ll be attached to the tiffin at the time of delivery too. How cool is that?

Get it from: Unbox by Huff & Puff

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