Last month, McDonald’s announced its collaboration with popular South Korean boyband, BTS (The Bangtan Boys). Like many of you BTS A.R.M.Y., we joined the craze when The BTS Meal was launched and ended up trying it out too (FYI, it comprises of 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, a medium Coca-Cola and two limited-edition dipping sauces – Sweet Chilli and Cajun).

What surprised us more than the meal itself and the ordeal that people were willing to go through to get their hands on a set was the creative extent that some people went to just to ‘preserve’ the hype of The BTS Meal. Besides many of them washing, drying and putting it up for auction on various platforms, we had another group of fans who dug into their creative potential and upcycled the packaging in amazing ways! Check out the six statement pieces we discovered that simply blew our minds:

1. Sneaker fun

One of the most attractive masterpieces that we stumbled upon was from Singaporean visual artist and fashion designer, Josiah Chua who transformed the packaging of four BTS meals into a pair of out-of-this-world sneakers! Through the tutorial video that was uploaded from his TikTok to Instagram, Josiah showed his followers the step-by-step on how he used the packaging to overlay a pair of sneakers. He even went the extra mile and created special pockets on the sides of the sneakers to hold the nuggets. If you don’t consider this creative with a capital C, we don’t know what is!

2. Make it Dior-worthy

Taking inspo from Dior’s iconic saddle bag, Filipino digital creator and influencer, Jazmin Reyes transformed The BTS Meal packaging into a bag of a similar shape. Using only the soda cups from the collection, Jazmin explained in her caption that her creation could easily fit two dips and two nuggets and showed everyone how the bag itself was small enough that it could fit into McDonald’s signature brown paper bag that came with a special print released specifically for the launch of this collab.

3. Flaunt your hourglass figure

Stumbling upon Philippines-based online women’s clothing store, Gallabyzie’s video made us realise how seriously people were taking this upcycling challenge using the BTS x McDonald’s packaging. As the home of handmade modernized corsets and a supporter of slow and sustainable fashion, Gallabyzie decided to stitch the paper packaging from The BTS Meal and lilac fabric together to create a unique corset that’s oh-so easy on the eyes. Clearly, it’s something we won’t mind taking to the streets once FMCO ends!

4. What about head gear?

With the blazing hot sun, a bucket hat is just the stylish solution we need to complete our looks. Instead of buying a new one, local artist and headgear lover, Yew Yiqin posted up a tutorial video on her YouTube and shared the results on her TikTok and Instagram – along with a matching ring! After cutting out the shapes she needed to create the bucket hat, she went on to rub a layer of candle on the surface of McD’s brown paper bag with the BTS print to make it slightly waterproof before combining all the pieces using a glue. While the final product might have looked easy to make, we know that it took Yiqin a lot of time and effort to make it a success.

5. Don’t forget your ears!

People’s creativity didn’t stop at influencers alone as we spotted Amcreates, a Singapore-based online store that creates custom-made accessories, reveal to its followers a limited-edition pair of handmade earrings from upcycled BTS x McDonald’s packaging that’s being sold at S$68 (about RM210). We must say that we love the shape of the earrings and how a dash of glitter was added to the back to make the pair more special!

6. The final touch

When it comes to accessorising, one of the things that many of us would reach for before heading out is our necklace. How cool would it be if we told you that CraftedbyCalai, a Cebu-based online store, can customise a pendant for you using The BTS Meal packaging? All you’ll need to do is pick your preferred choice of pendant, the type of flower you like and which part of the packaging you want in as part of your necklace. Easy-peasy!

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