The weirdest news we’ve read last year wasn’t the name of Grimes’s and Elon Musk’s child (has anybody learned how to pronounce it?) or the fact that the Russian parliament claimed that an ice cream called Rainbow promoted homosexuality. Heck, we’re going to throw in the fact that people in Spain have started walking their crabs as an exercise to go out (we totally get it now that we're back in lockdown mode!). Gasp much?

A piece of internet non-fiction we’ve found truly bizarre was Lizzo’s Jacquemus purse: the minute piece of leather she purchased that could only fit… a lighter. You must be wondering: “So what are the Spring/Summer 2021 bag trends that can fit everything else I carry that doesn’t look like a freebie?” – well, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the standout bag trends of Spring/Summer 2021. Or as we’d like to call it, the pieces of leather you’re gonna wanna purchase in a heartbeat that help to convey your personality (or should we say: dream personality?) to the world. If all else fails, they’re guaranteed to fit more than a lighter. We promise.


Bottega Veneta ‘Medium Bulb’ Drawstring Shoulder Bag, RM9,610

Photography: Bottega Veneta

When the chick who carries this bag posts a quote on Instagram, you’d probably giggle and think it’s the lyrics to a Taylor Swift song. Well, wrong artist, sis – cos she loves quoting Björk. Eating out with her is always an exercise in how far you’re planning to stretch your palate too. Have you heard of a macro nutritional diet? Sorry babe, McDonald’s isn’t on it (and so isn't the BTS Meal you've secretly been eyeing!). What she’s also good at though, is dispensing life advice. All with a notepad and designer pen she’s conveniently hiding in this roomy clutch.

Chanel Drawstring Bag, RM21,920

Photography: Chanel

In every circle of girlfriends, there’s always that one cool girl. She’s at home eating an eight-course meal (FYI, she knows what a fish knife is) as she is devouring hot wings with her boyfriend. Her hair always looks perfect even when she hasn’t washed it in three days (not advisable, we must say). And she’s able to burp on command (but please don’t try it at home!). Coincidentally, she’s also carrying this bag (one of the most wanted Spring/Summer 2021 bag trends… is a bucket?) albeit with clothing from the high street that, of course, since she’s a cool girl, looks like Chanel itself.

Chloe Small ‘Tess’ Bag, US$2,504 (about RM10,300)

Photography: Chloe

For some reason, you love everything from and about the great US of A even though it’s been ravaged by political strife and racism. You counter the arguments that, “Hey! Dolly Parton is going to save the world! It’s also the nation that gave us RuPaul’s Drag Race!”. Oddly enough, you really enjoy the look of 'vintage' items even though the idea of going into a thrift store makes you break out in hives. Stick to what is less ravaging to your body: vintage-looking items without the vintage hang-ups!

Gucci ‘Jackie 1961’ Python Small Shoulder Bag, RM9,900

Photography: Gucci

This bag ticks off all the boxes of what Spring/Summer 2021 bag trends can and should be. Firstly, it expands to the width of an iPad. Secondly, it comes with a zipper pocket for your cards and an open pocket to stash a little more than just your spiral hair ties. And thirdly, we can see the democratic appeal. If we had to think of a personality though, think modern-day heiress with matching python-skin luggages. But of course, she has a bunch of attractive European men (…zaddies?) carrying them for her onto a plane.

Louis Vuitton ‘Alma BB’ Handbag, RM9,250

Photography: Louis Vuitton

Technically, this bag doesn’t belong to the echelons of the Spring/Summer 2021 bag trends as it’s been a staple of the luxury fashion house for years. But what makes it oh-so desirable is its fluorescent pink hue and if you gasped softly in delight, we know your kind. You frequently post Elle Woods quotes, you somehow have the cashola to afford eating club sandwiches at country clubs and you love ordering a 'Skinny Bitch' at the club. Good for you sis, we love that for you!


Dolce & Gabbana Crocodile Leather Duffle

Photography: Dolce & Gabbana

The guy who’s likely to be carrying this: he has a bronzed chest, a closet stuffed to the brim with suits (uh, double breasted, hello?) and a penchant for being surrounded by women. No, it’s not Dan Bilzerian, it’s the guy you want to be or the guy you want to be with. And also, we’re happy to report that no, he has no scary kinks like Armie Hammer that manifests a year into the relationship (gasp!). But look out for his mum though – cos that’s some emotional baggage you might be unpacking soon.

Ermenegildo Zegna PELLETESSUTA™ Everyday Backpack

Photography: Ermenegildo Zegna

We hope you enjoy making your own cold brew. Or listening to music on a vinyl. Or spending hours trawling through vintage furniture stores. Because that's exactly the kind of dude who's going to be carrying this backpack. A handsome piece of leather that reflects said dude’s tree-hugger ways: every purchase goes towards the foundation of Oasi Zegna, one that is championing sustainability and upcycling in fashion.

Givenchy Large ‘Antigona’ Soft Bag, RM11,250

Photography: Givenchy

We hate to say this but the dude carrying one of the flyest Spring/Summer 2021 bag trends is aggressively masculine: he uses the world ‘swole’ on his gym photos in an unironic manner, he bets big during football season and he has a thing for wife beaters (aka the most practical thing to throw on for a quick grocery run!). But it’s not all doom and gloom – he’s oddly very willing to watch The Notebook with you and heck, he’d even shed a tear during that scene.You know the one we’re talking about.

Hermès ‘Herbag Zip Retourne Cabine’ 50 Bag, RM16,000

Photography: Hermès

Firstly, the man (notice how we’re using a term that’s more professional) who goes for this bag has great taste. He knows his Petrossian caviar (let’s be real, anything below Grade 1 is for the charcuterie board you put together to spice up a boring night at home), he can navigate through a room of wine tasters (let this be known here that it's one of the hardest things to do IRL!) and his literary collection takes up the entire room literally. Enough about him, one of the most handsome Spring/Summer 2021 bag trends is practical in the way we like our bags: lightweight but heavy in duty.

Versace Bondage Bag, RM2,380

Photography: Versace

If the sound of a ‘bondage bag’ hasn’t really placed a picture of the potential man carrying it into your head, then let’s describe him. He's a SoundCloud rapper. The kind of dude who puts a Li’l in front of his rapper name and uses more than one of the following characters after it: #@$%&*. All’s good though, he’s gonna grow out of it before you know it (the ‘career’, not the bag) and this bag is a token keepsake of his 'wilder' years. It’s not a bad one after all: it comes in a water-resistant nylon and with an adjustable waist belt too!

Text: Stacie Cai

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