Every time we discover a celebrity or influencer who’s expecting a baby, we always look forward to seeing them rock their maternity looks. While most of the outfits we’ve seen are either plain, comfortable and borderline boring or filled with lace and girly colours, Rihanna went out of her way to prove to the world that cool, regular clothes can be worn even when you’re preggers. Having seen images of the singer-songwriter and entrepreneur in denim jeans, crop tops, bralettes and hoodies, we’re amazed by how her maternity wardrobe screams confidence and how she appeared to look effortlessly stylish in all these outfits, as always. Here are our top seven favourite pregnancy looks from Rihanna that we’ve picked from multiple events. #Respect!

1. Don’t go easy when it comes to accessories

While many mums-to-be will choose to go easy on their accessories during their pregnancy, Rihanna took a 360° turn and proved to the world that she’s at ease by being herself even when she’s carrying a baby. Photographed in Harlem with her boyfriend and rapper, A$AP Rocky for her bump’s debut early this year, Rihanna made it official in this bright pink puffer coat that revealed her growing belly. Of course, as expected of RiRi, she didn’t stop there but threw on layers of jewellery and even had them hanging from her distressed jeans to complete her look.

2. Who says a bra is compulsory?

We’ve all been through days when we couldn’t wait to throw our bra miles away and hit the sack, but Rihanna casually went without it for an entire day when she appeared in this zig-zag top. Revealing her entire chest and midriff, RiRi kept things simple by showing up in black from head to toe. From her choker to her sunglasses and puffer jacket, leggings and stilettos, she added a touch of glamour to her look by completing it with layered necklaces made up of a cross and pendant which reached down to her thighs.

3. Low-rise jeans are life!

Even before she was preggers, one of Rihanna’s standout elements was the way she layered her clothes, which she clearly and beautifully maintained throughout her pregnancy. While not many mommas-to-be make wearing denim jeans a priority for comfort reasons, Rihanna took things up a notch by showing up at dinner in low-rise jeans that were paired with ankle-wrap snakeskin sandals which she creatively tied around the hem of her jeans. To top it off, she threw on a trucker hat and made (many) heads turn!

4. Pregnant or not, it’s up to you to create a sexy look for yourself

While effortlessly stylish is a term that’s used widely, the work that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to picking out the right outfits is real. At the Fenty Beauty Universe event in LA back in February, Rihanna showed up in a shredded green halter top which she paired with ombre pink pants and sandals. While we loved how this entire combination accentuated her sexy curves and made her look like the coolest living mother-to-be on earth, RiRi also revealed in an interview at the event that she was in true fact challenging herself. To feel sexy, one must look sexy in what she wears and to achieve this, she was ready to take up the challenge of wearing non-maternity pieces that will help her to achieve her goal. Way to go, Ri-gurl!

5. The art of living in your lingerie

By now, we’re definitely convinced that it’s possible for Rihanna to show up in almost anything and slay in her distinctive style! At the Dior Autumn/Winter 2022 fashion show in Paris, she surprised the crowd by showing up in a laced lingerie set which made her look like one of the models on the runway. Layering her sheer baby-doll dress with a trench coat, Rihanna threw on some jewellery around her neck and revealed her beautiful thighs by wearing a pair of pointed knee-high boots. In all honesty, this look gives us hope that living in your lingerie day in and day out can be more than just a dream.

5. Jumpsuit all the way

Even on normal days, jumpsuits are one of those things that many people would most probably say no to simply because of the hassle that they’d have to go through when it comes to going to the toilet. Rihanna, on the other hand, appeared at Paris Fashion Week this year in an aqua-toned cut-out jumpsuit with her ‘ready to kill’ look despite all the hassle. Showing up confidently in this stretchy jumpsuit, she had not one but two cut-out designs on the jumpsuit – one across her chest and the other on the opposite side that revealed her baby bump. To complete the look, RiRi paired this jumpsuit with a pair of pointed-toe heels and layered a green parka over her jumpsuit.

6. Oversized shirts for ‘just another day out’

Photography: Justjared.com

7. Wing it with a miniskirt and crystal bra set

If you’re pregnant and can’t wait to pop so that you can get back to wearing your miniskirts, here’s an inspo from Rihanna who showed us that there’s no harm in wearing ’em even now. As it’s her first dip into motherhood, RiRi celebrated the occasion by going on a dinner date with A$AP Rocky in Santa Monica, California. Nothing short of style and glamour, she showed up in a see-through crystal halter top and a matching low-rise miniskirt from Miu Miu. And if you’re going for bling, why not go all out, right? From her sandals to her handbag and her collar necklace, Rihanna matched everything and donned a sparkling look that portrayed her true feeling of excitement. That said, we can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeves when it comes to her wardrobe selections for herself and her baby in the future!

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