Talk about a relaxing, pampering session and the first two things that’ll come to mind are a facial and body massage. However, one of the biggest skincare mistakes I realised I’ve been committing is that I only take the initiative to go for a facial when my skin needs a quick pick-me-up – which isn’t often, to be honest.

It wasn’t until recently that I experienced what I’d call a ‘skin craving’ where I could feel my skin wishing for and needing all the moisture it can get. When it came to taking care of my skin, as much as I’d like to put the blame on the weather, deep down I knew that my self-discipline had taken a back seat. Call it a coincidence, but the latest AsterSpring Hydra Shine Therapy was launched right at the time when I was in the midst of scouting for a treatment that’ll help ease my skin woes. Not to mention that all my facials with AsterSpring in the past have always been a pleasant experience, and it goes without saying that every package that the professional brand carries is designed to treat specific skin concerns.

The Gentle Introduction

As someone who is sensitive to strong scents, it’s always such a joy to walk into any AsterSpring centre as Dermalogica products are used for the treatments and the brand is known to carry products that are free of fragrances, mineral oils, alcohol and lanolin. Elane Hin, my professional skin therapist for the day, started the session by gently massaging a double-cleansing solution into my skin, followed by an exfoliator that removed all the dirt and dead skin cells from its surface. As much as I’ve been doing this at home daily, nothing beats the gentle touch of a professional who is attending to your skin and treating it with care, without missing out a single spot.

The Harsh Truth

Next came the hardest part of any facial for me, which was the extraction. As much as I dreaded this process, I knew that my skin needed it badly, because without the removal of blackheads and whiteheads, my skin wouldn’t be able to thoroughly absorb all the good stuff that came next. After a painful 20 minutes of skin clean-up, Elane gently patted a combination of essential oils into my skin to calm it and continued with a soothing pressure-point massage that made me fall asleep.

A Good Boost Of Hydration

As the ampoule mist device was turned on to increase the penetration of the serum and mask into the deeper layers of my skin, Elane applied a generous layer of the Powerbright Ionactive Serum to kickstart the process, after which she applied on the Intense Hydra Soothing Bio Cellulose Mask that’s rich in Green Caviar (filled with collagen and hydrating benefits), Gingko Biloba Stem Cell Extract (to soothe to the skin) and Wasabi Leaf Extracts (with anti-inflammatory properties and whitening benefits) before leaving the room for a good 20 minutes. In a nutshell, it was one of the best deep sleeps that I’ve had in the longest time, and when I woke up, my skin felt cool, refreshed and alive again!

The After-Effects

I’ve never looked into the mirror after a facial and felt so satisfied with its effects like I did after this one. My skin didn’t just feel good in terms of smoothness, but the glow that I’d been longing to have was back! My skin looked brighter while the dark spots and uneven skin tone on my forehead had been greatly reduced. Above all, I didn’t feel any form of discomfort throughout the session. It didn’t just end there, because in the following days, I got to see more results from this treatment.

While the glow and brightness remained, my skin had a bit of reaction and peeled on the third and fourth day. However, by the fifth day, it had cleared up and my skin was back to normal. If the only downtime that I had to go through to get a healthy glow was when my skin peeled, I honestly don’t mind heading back to AsterSpring for this treatment regularly as it gave my skin the boost of hydration it needed and made me feel a lot better and more confident thereafter!

The AsterSpring Hydra Shine Therapy is now available at all AsterSpring centres (RM398) and AsterSpring Signature centres (RM438) for a 60-minute session.

Featured image: AsterSpring

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