If you’re an iPhone user, it’s highly likely that you’re one of those who loves sending Memojis and stickers daily since they were introduced a few years ago (I mean, who doesn’t?). Not only is it fun to get to make your own and send them out, you also get to customise them as you like – from your skin tone (including freckles, cheek colour and beauty spot) to your head (shape and age/look), brows (shape, forehead mark and brow piercings), eyes (shape, colour, eyeshadow, eyelashes as well as eyeliner style and shade), nose (shape and piercings), mouth (lip shape and colour, teeth plus mouth and tongue piercings), ears (shape, earrings and even audio device, like your trusty AirPods!) and facial hair (including sideburns, moustache and beard). Out of all the features, I reckon that the most fun part is choosing a hairstyle (there are currently over 120 and counting!), headgear and eyewear. On days when you feel like it, you can pick a face cover and eye patch too!

Knowing and understanding that more options and updated styles of features will keep us iPhone users excited all the time, Apple has announced new Memoji customisations and stickers that will be joining the current batch in iOS 16 this Fall. With the latest software coming to iPhone very soon, you can expect the following:

1. New hairstyles

Memoji will feature 17 new and updated hairstyles including new curly styles, updates to tight curls, box braids and boxer braids. If you’ve got naturally straight hair, give these a go and explore a fun new look!

2. More headwear

Looking for something more than a fancy hat or turban? You’ll soon be able to style your Memoji with a bonnet!

3. More noses and lip colours

There are definitely more than three nose shapes in the world, and we’re finally getting more options of noses and neutral lip colours when customising a Memoji.

4. More sticker options

You’ll soon be able to choose from six new expressive and trending poses including finger hearts (for die-hard K-lovers!), grace face, talk to the hand, dizzy birds, yawn and excellent (à la chef’s kiss). How cool is that?

While the exact launch date has yet to be announced, what we know is that iOS 16 will be available this Fall as a free software update. For a sneak peek of what you can expect, download the iOS 16 public beta and check out the new Memoji customisations and stickers here. If you're a newbie who needs a tutorial for using Memoji, Memoji stickers and more, click here.

Featured image design: Zariel Zahann
Photography: Apple

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