Lately, we noticed that women figure-shaped items have been trending everywhere and, truth be told, we’re here for it! The female form in diverse shapes and sizes is equally sensual, classy and tells many stories we wish we could hear. Whether it’s in the form of a candle, fashion accessory or perfume bottle, having them around somehow empowers and uplifts us, especially when there are multiple discussions out there about how and what a woman’s body should look like and do. Spoiler alert: it’s none of their business but your own!

This International Women’s Day, as we celebrate, support and raise awareness for women’s achievements and the fight for equality everywhere, let’s also appreciate the women close to us with a little memento that reminds them of their strength, beauty and uniqueness. Check out some of our favourite pieces that would make great gifts for them or yourself (yes, it’s treat yo’self month!):

Body candles and soap bars by Belle Nous

If you’re looking for more diverse-shaped body candles, Belle Nous may just have what you want. The brand not only designs and creates the moulds in-house, but it offers various shapes, types and items such as candles and soaps too.

Shop here: Belle Nous

Derriere vases by Anissa Kermiche

We saw the viral booty vases all over Instagram and now we know who’s behind it! Anissa’s creations are definitely out of the ordinary but really make essential pieces in every woman’s home.

Shop here: Anissa Kermiche

‘Genevieve’ necklace by Senja Jewellery

Want a subtle yet sultry piece you can wear every day? Senja Jewellery’s ‘Genevieve’ necklace is perfect to flaunt with its 18K gold-plated stainless steel pendant.  

Shop here: Senja Jewellery

‘Matisse Face Line’ earrings by Glittery Daisyy Handmade

We love face-motif earrings and this one happens to be made of polymer clay – another yes in our books as they’re super lightweight, comfortable and fun to wear!

Shop here: Glittery Daisyy Handmade

‘Ratih’ earrings by Bezalel

Using alloy metal to create the female figure, delicate rose petals and tiny flowers in resin fill the earrings and add a touch of colour and charm.

Shop here: Bezalel

Torso rug by Canopée

Give your room a touch of fun with this simple yet statement torso rug that’ll immediately elevate the space. If your BFF or sister has just moved into a new place, this makes the perfect housewarming gift too!

Shop here: Canopée

Featured image: Anissa Kermiche on Instagram

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