As the first two months of the year have flown by in the blink of an eye and we’re pretty much done with all the feasting and festivities (for a little while, at least), there’s no better time than now to recalibrate and recharge your mind, body, skin and soul – all in one spot. And where exactly, you ask? The all-new Hammam Spa, a luxurious space of design, beauty and relaxation that’s located at Isetan The Japan Store in Lot 10, where you can pop by at any time of the week, whenever you feel like you need to get away from it all or get a pick-me-up.

If you’ve visited Hammam Spa before (whether it’s the first outlet at Bangsar Village II or second outlet at Publika Shopping Gallery), you probably wouldn’t need much convincing to drop by its latest outlet. Celebrating its 15th year since the concept was first introduced locally, Hammam Spa was the first Moroccan version of the Turkish Bath in South East Asia, which, despite sparking curiosity and getting a lot of raised eyebrows when it first opened its doors in 2007, has proven itself to be a unique and niche offering that has today garnered a loyal following not only for your most worn-out days but as a place to unwind, socialise and celebrate special occasions too – be it a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, bridal party or girls’ get-together. If you haven’t set foot into a Hammam Spa, here are three reasons that’ll get you hooked long before you get to the end of this piece!

Its discreet yet convenient location

One of the winning things about this new Hammam Spa outlet is that it is strategically ‘hidden’ in the middle of the busiest street in downtown KL. Located on the second floor of Isetan The Japan Store in Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, the space isn’t visible from the outside so you’d have to walk a little inside the store to spot it, which makes it the perfect hideout when you need to catch up on me-time or have a pampering session with your loved ones.

Being a first-time customer of Hammam Spa, I loved how, upon stepping into this space, I felt as if I was transported to a different country altogether. The combination of vivid-coloured walls and Moroccan features and décor had a very soothing and welcoming vibe for me. If you and your partner or friends miss travelling, then this spa will be able to evoke those great memories from your past adventures – or prep you for the next ones.

 If you’re coming to Hammam Spa with a partner, we recommend going for the Hammam & Gommage package aka the signature treatment of this spa that comprises of a detox, steam and purification ritual. However, if you’re dropping by for a short break after a long day of running errands or doing other interesting things around town, go for the Maroc Maroc Revitalising Facial and Aromatic Massage, where you can pick a session that lasts for 45, 60 or 75 minutes.

60 minutes of pure massage bliss

After much consideration, my Chief Editor, Yang Mei Ling and I decided to go for the 60-minute Aromatic Massage and 75-minute Maroc Maroc Revitalising Facial to give ourselves a little break from work. Upon entering the spa, we were guided through the four options of Moroccan oil blends that were available, and I ended up picking ‘My Favourite Concubine’, which is a combination of rose and oud oil, while Mei Ling picked ‘Sultana’ which is a mix of myrrh, frankincense, clary sage, blue lotus and anise.

Roses are one of my favourite flowers and the scent of roses is more than enough to make me feel calm and happy any time of the day. Upon changing into my robe, the therapist washed my feet with warm water and salt to reduce its fatigue, after which I was directed to the treatment room for the first session. The Aromatic Massage combines pressure-point healing and long strokes. In other words, while pressure is used to unlock the knots and relax the tense muscles, the latter is used to help the customer feel relaxed. I decided to go with the medium option as my body was already in pain on that day, and to my surprise, the therapist used the sandwich concept during the session, which meant that she started off with a brief run of long strokes before unlocking the tense muscles and ending the session with another round of long strokes. Be prepared to fall into a deep sleep very quickly as the professionals here are well-trained to treat your body accordingly and without causing any discomfort at all, and worry not about waking up feeling even more tired because surprisingly, this is one of the best massages I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying in a long time – and I’ve had many!

The power of a feel-good skin cleanse

Nothing beats going for a mid-day facial, especially when my skin is looking far from smooth and glowing. Much to my delight, the 75-minute Maroc Maroc Revitalising Facial using Amande’s range of products came to my rescue just when my skin needed it the most. The facial started with makeup removal using a delicate milk cleanser scented with orange blossom, followed by a thorough cleansing and gentle exfoliation using argan grains. A steamer was used next and a light extraction was done on the T-zone, where most of the congestion are located. A massage on the face, neck, shoulder and decolletage to firm up the muscles and skin using sesame oil ensued, and boy, will the skills and warmth of the therapist’s hands get me returning for more, every chance I get in the future!

After a remineralising and soothing rose and lemon white clay mask was applied onto my face to deeply purify my skin and I managed to get even more shut-eye, the facial came to an end with the application of a rich argan emulsion on my face that made my skin feel instantly hydrated and oh-so good, all set and ready to face the world. When I went to change out of my robe and took a good look at my face in the mirror, not only did I see a healthy glow, but my nasolabial lines seemed to have gotten a little lighter – which was definitely a pleasant surprise, seeing that it wasn’t an intensive facial which made use of the latest high-tech machines, but one where I got to enjoy the wonders of what an incredible face massage can do in such a short time!

The Aromatic Massage (RM168 for 60 minutes) and Maroc Maroc Revitalising Facial (RM208 for 75 minutes) are available at Lot 5, Level 2F, Hammam Spa Isetan The Japan Store, Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, 50250 Kuala Lumpur. To book, contact 0196430881.

Additional text: Yang Mei Ling
Photography & videography:
Tan Guo Xiang

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