1. For the stubborn mane

Most of us have been in that situation where our hair doesn’t cooperate with us – it’s either frizzy, dry or limp. Two of the main hair-related issues that the Davines More Inside Texturizing Serum addresses are hydration and elasticity, making it a necessity to use on days when your hair is acting up! Not only does this serum work to release extra water molecules that keep your hair hydrated, its configuration of molecules will give your strands a structure that’s well defined but elastic as well. Rich in amino acid of natural origin with anti-static effects, the serum is suitable for normal to fine hair that needs a little added character and can also be used on medium to thick hair to hold it in place. All you need to do is apply it evenly onto towel-dried hair before styling it to your look of the day!

Davines More Inside Texturizing Serum

2. For multicoloured tresses

If you’re a fan of fancy hair colours like I am, you’d be able to relate to the stress that most people with coloured hair go through. Although there are many products that are specifically designed for coloured hair, only a few are made to address the needs of specific shades. The Davines Alchemic Line consists of five sets of shampoos and conditioners that have been specially curated for five hair colours: blue, coral, lavender, marine blue and pink. The shampoos that are rich in Vitamin B will help to add moisture to your stressed hair and prevent damage, while the conditioner is rich in jojoba oil, which guarantees hair shine. The best part is that if you have unicorn-coloured hair like mine, you can choose to use the conditioners separately or mix the different colours together to create new effects as you wish! How cool is that?

Davines Alchemic Creative Conditioner

3. For those who are concerned about their Rapunzel locks

Cringe every time your hairstylist tells you that they have to cut a few centimetres of your hair as the ends are badly damaged? This will no longer be an issue cos L’Oréal Professionnel has introduced its all-new Serie Expert Pro Longer Filler A100 + Amino Acid Pro Concentrate. The main function of this concentrate is to strengthen the ends of your hair through its content of Filoxane, which helps to penetrate the fibre while thickening the ends, and PQ6 that resurfaces the fibre to protect the outer layer of the hair. At the same time, you can wave goodbye to split ends as this solution is rich in amino acid that allows the renewal of hair lengths, making hair stronger and preventing it from breakage.

L’Oréal Professionnel Expert Pro Longer Filler A100 + Amino Acid Pro Concentrate

4. For those who have a hard time dealing with their sensitive scalp

External stress is one of the main reasons that causes our hormone levels to change, and as a result, its effects are prevalent with the health of our scalp. No surprise then, when the problem of hair loss comes through, and you find it hard to find a solution to this problem. Ryo’s Derma Scalp Care consists of two types of shampoos: one that targets sensitive and oily scalp and another that targets sensitive and dry scalp, while the conditioner is meant for sensitive scalp use. Made from natural ingredients that have been sourced from Jeju, South Korea, this range is rich in Madecassoside, an ingredient derived from the Centella Asiatica plant that’s harvested in Madagascar. The main function of this ingredient is to help build a protective barrier on the scalp by forming a thin film on its surface while it emits external irritants. Let’s just say it’s time for you to wave goodbye to your scalp-related issues after giving this range a shot!

Vasenta’s verdict: “What’s amazing from the Ryo Derma Scalp Care range is how simple it is. Although I wished that there were more instructions written in English instead of Korean written on the bottle, overall, the shampoo for sensitive and oily scalp and conditioner were a win in my books! With barely any time on my hands, lathering them was a breeze cos all I needed were two pumps of shampoo and conditioner to make the duo work. The pump on both bottles was also ideal as it releases an ideal amount of shampoo and conditioner. To my surprise, my oily scalp felt a lot lighter after using this set and I could go for more than two days without washing my hair!”

Ryo Derma Scalp Care

5. For those who suffer from badly-damaged hair

After six years of searching for efficacious plant technologies that can help repair damaged hair, it was a milestone for Aveda’s PhD chemist who came up with the Botanical Repair collection. In this range that consists of a shampoo, conditioner, masque and leave-in treatment, plant-powered molecules are used to help repair your hair by multiplying bonds that’ll reinforce your hair’s strength at the core while nourishing macro green blends detangle and smoothen the cuticles to prevent breakage.

Vasenta’s verdict: “Before trying this range, I was a bit sceptical as vegan hair products were usually very light and would leave me feeling like my hair could use another wash. But this range proved me wrong because despite it feeling light, my scalp experienced a deeply clean sensation after just one rinse! The products had a subtle scent and gave me a comforting feel after every use. It took me only three weeks to see a difference in my hair and scalp after using the range. While the shampoo removed excess oil and product build-up from everyday pollution, the conditioner helped to minimise hair breakage and the masque helped to make my badly-damaged hair more presentable, giving it a visibly healthier, softer and shinier look!”

Aveda Botanical Repair

6. For those who are always on the go

Co-created by well-known hairstylist, Chris McMillan, this limited-edition hair kit from Drunk Elephant was formulated to provide nourishment and protection for your hair. Available in a travel-sized pack that includes essential body care too, this kit consists of the Cocomino™ Glossing Shampoo, Cocomino™ Marula Cream Conditioner, T.L.C. Happi Scalp™ Scrub and Wild Marula™ Tangle Spray.

Vasenta’s verdict: “After nurturing my hair back to its original state using products from the other brands, I decided to give this set a try. One of the main things that I liked about this range is the subtle coconut scent which I was instantly attracted to. The sulphate-free shampoo is 100% safe for coloured hair as it didn’t lighten my hair colour at all. At the same time, I loved how the shampoo was light yet it created a creamy foam every time I used it and effectively removed excess oil from my scalp. Unlike other conditioners that can be quite heavily scented, this one had a very neutral scent, which I liked. The combination of plant oils and butters used in the conditioner made my hair a little softer and best of all, the tangles were a lot easier to manage every time I used it!

    It was my first time trying out a hair scrub as well, and I must say I loved how much fuller my hair looked after using this one. Although I have naturally thick hair, on some days it can look a little ‘dead’ but thanks to this scrub, my waves slowly started to look more alive. Made from AHA/BHA blends, the scrub worked its magic by breaking down and dissolving dead skin cells. Last of all came the Tangle Spray which I was extremely thankful for. Knots and tangles have become a norm for me as my hair had constantly been exposed to various chemicals in the past. Oftentimes, it’s almost impossible for me to even run my comb through my hair! However, the super fine and weightless leave-in mist worked wonders to smoothen my hair in just a few sprays as I brushed it. I’m definitely going to get more of this once it runs out!”

The Littles Hair + Body Kit 2.0

Featured image: Vinicius Amano/Unsplash

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